Transcript of The Death of Chivalry journal entry

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  • Saradomin appeared before Sir Owen and me.
  • Saradomin sent us on a mission to infiltrate the Black Knights' Fortress located on Ice Mountain, and recover a powerful weapon.
  • Saradomin teleported Sir Owen and me to the exterior of the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Sir Owen and I entered the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • I brought Sir Owen to the tallest tower of the Black Knights' Fortress, where we discovered a Zamorakian ritual chamber.
  • We completed the magic ritual, which opened a portal.
  • Sir Owen and I entered the portal. We arrived at a Black Knight campsite in an ancient, frozen tomb.
  • We dispatched the Black Knights who were harassing a malnourished prisoner.
  • We rescued the damsel in distress from her cage.
  • Dawn told us she is a nun of St Elspeth on a pilgrimage from the Citharede Abbey. The Black Knights have been kidnapping Saradominists, as they need the blood of the faithful to access a powerful weapon deeper in the tomb.
  • We entered a tomb, where those who fought for Saradomin in the God Wars were laid to rest. The floor was covered in human bones.
  • I found a portcullis barring the way to the next room.
  • I opened the portcullus blocking our path.
  • We entered a large chamber, containing a magic wand on a pedestal, surrounded by three defensive wards.
  • We spoke with Fern the centaur, a restless spirit bound to the Wand of Resurrection.
  • We defeated Fern, breaching the first seal.
  • We reached the Wand of Resurrection, protected by the last two magical wards.
  • I solved a mechanical puzzle, breaching the second seal.
  • We breached the final seal. Dawn appeared and stole the Wand of Resurrection.
  • Dawn used the wand to drain the life from Sir Owen and raise him from the dead as a zombie, and fled the scene.
  • I defeated the zombies. Sir Owen is finally at peace.
  • I opened the portcullis trapping me in the artefact chamber.
  • I returned to the tomb to battle Dawn.
  • I defeated Dawn and her army of the dead.
  • I retrieved the Wand of Resurrection from Dawn's corpse.
  • I returned to the artefact chamber, and encountered Saradomin.
  • Saradomin violently took the Wand of Resurrection from me, and used it to resurrect Sir Owen.
  • Sir Owen and Fern departed to prepare for a journey to the centaur burial ground. In time, we hope to use the Wand of Resurrection to renew the centaur race.