Transcript of The Death Lotus

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Thanks for talking to me. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.
  • Player: What's happened?
  • The Assassin: Remember the assassin who saw my face when I killed Tombi? The Death Lotus assassin. His name is Bak, and he's been making his way home to the Pearl Fortress, their headquarters. He intends to tell them that I am alive. Bak is scum - he'd stab you in the back, just so he didn't have to carry the weight of his dagger.
  • Player: You know him?
  • The Assassin: I worked for the Death Lotus. Where else could I have become such a trained killer? I have only remained alive because they believe I am dead. If they know I'm alive, assassins will rain down on us like a monsoon.
  • Player: So, you want a ship to catch up with him...
  • The Assassin: You see much, Little Khan. Kairu tells me that Bak is at the Firebird Inn, on the Chimera Isles. If I promise not to kill him, would you take me there, Little Khan?

After Voyage

  • Player: You okay, Ling? My crewmen tell me that Bak was on fire...
  • The Assassin: That is not important right now. The Death Lotus know that I am alive. They've sent a top assassin to have me killed.
  • Player: The Death Lotus? How'd they find out about you?
  • The Assassin: It was that son-of-a-squid, Bak. He sent a letter days ago, and was only heading back to collect a reward. Seems I must kill the leader of the Death Lotus before he kills me. I should let you know who you - we - are up against. To do so means starting with Quin. Have you heard of her? The self-proclaimed 'Khan of the Sea'?
    • (unknown conditions)
    • Player: I have heard of her.
    • (Continues below)
    • (unknown conditions)
    • Player: She's a thorn in everyone's side.
  • The Assassin: Quin is a seasinger - a sorcerer with the power to change currents and brew storms. Most seasingers can share their consciousness with a single sea monster, waking it and controlling it. Quin, however, can control all sea creatures at once. While the Wushanko Isles have never been peaceful, Quin brought carnage; an all-out war between the sea and land. Tens of thousands died. Quin won, but the sea monsters were greatly reduced, which is the only reason we can travel between islands.
  • Player: What does this have to do with you and the Death Lotus?
  • The Assassin: After the war, so many wanted Quin dead. The Khans of the other islands petitioned the Death Lotus to kill Quin, but the order of assassins was unwilling to risk Quin's wrath, for fear of failure. One khan offered the Death Lotus more wealth than the other khans combined. The order of assassins could not turn it down. I was the best assassin; at sixteen I was peerless. Baby Tooth, my leader and mentor, chose me from the ranks available to him. I was envied above all. The Death Lotus smuggled me on to a merchant ship, to Quin's home island - a place she calls 'Paradise'. It's a small island with one palace standing at its centre: an ivory building that sits on four golden pillars. I positioned myself in the rafters of the palace, and waited for Quin to enter her chambers. Seasingers aren't known for their prowess in combat - certainly not on land - so I was surprised to see her with only one bodyguard: an occultist. My dart flew through the air, but the occultist must have known I was there. Her staff knocked the dart from its flight. I fired again, but creeping fire burned my face, and the dart was wayward. The occultist called for guards. I escaped and hid in the jungle for three weeks.
  • Player: What happened then?
  • The Assassin: Then? Many things, but I will leave you eager to hear more. Bak is waiting for me, and there is information that I am keen to extract forcibly from his foul hide.
  • Player: Don't torture anyone in my port!
  • The Assassin: I'll ensure he's quiet, Little Khan, and I'll tell you more of my story once I have gouged the names from Bak.