Transcript of The Darkness of Hallowvale journal entry

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  • I talked to Veliaf about helping the Myreque again. He gave me a pretty important mission: to enter the Sanguinesti region and make contact with the Myreque. Being a pretty hands-on sort of man, I set to work repairing a nearby boat and the slipway. It took a bit of nous to get them both fixed up, but before too long I'd launched the boat and was ready to set sail.
  • After a short while I had sailed near to the Sanguinesti region. I jumped from the boat up onto a bit of crumbling wall and made my way stealthily along it. I had to get physical at one point and kick some floorboards down in order to get down to ground level. I climbed down these like the accomplished professional that I am.
  • I started chatting to the locals, making certain not to stick out too much. The place was a dump; a real ghetto. It's a terrible place to live! I pity those poor people living in Meiyerditch.
  • Anyway, after talking to a few more characters I found that I should follow the sequence of sickle symbols in order to find the Myreque hideout. In the end, it was pretty difficult to find, but I managed it. I talked to a someone in there called Vertida. He was so pleased that I had come, it was amazing. He asked me to get a message back through to Veliaf. I felt that I couldn't really refuse so I headed back to Burgh de Rott.
  • After getting back to Veliaf, I handed him the note. He seemed quite pleased that there was still some resistance in Meiyerditch, but he knows that we need help from Misthalin. He asked me to go see Roald and also check up on Drezel.
  • When I got to Drezel, he told me that there had been some strange goings-on around there and asked me to check the area out for him. So I did, but got attacked by agents unknown in the process. I have a hunch they came from Morytania, and most likely from Canifis.
  • I didn't let that get to me, though. I soldiered on and met with King Roald, asking if he could help support the Myreque in their fight against Drakan.
  • Unfortunately, his new advisor reminded him of some Guthixian edicts which meant that all King Roald could do was enact a 'mercenary protocol'. Oh well, it might get some more sword-hands into Morytania and that can't be a bad thing.
  • I got back to Veliaf to tell him all the news and he was pretty upset about the whole affair. He asked me to get the information over to the Meiyerditch Myreque as fast as I could. So I got to Vertida and he was pretty upset about it all as well. He told me to take the news to the head honcho, Safalaan, who was out on a mission!
  • So I set off and got to him near the castle where he was preparing to make some sketches. As soon as I told him my news, he asked me to complete his mission for him and off he went back to the base. While I was scrawling down some very technical details on the castle's defences, I saw Vanstrom Klause with some other vampyres, but before too long they'd flown off. And when I tried to finish off my last sketch who should spot me but Vanstrom Klause? He flew over to me and started a fight.
  • It didn't last too long, thankfully, as I wasn't able to take him on properly. He was somehow resistant to normal weapons. A woman called Sarius Guile managed to intervene, and then passed on some information about a messaqe for Safalaan.
  • So I completed the sketches and got the message, and eventually gave them all to Safalaan.
  • Safalaan told me the message refers to a laboratory that might contain some information on how to defeat the vampyres. So, being quite proactive and adventurous, I decided to go looking for the laboratory. After hunting high and low, I found the place. I slashed my way through a tapestry and found a strange statue next to a normal-looking door.
  • After a bit of ingenious deduction on my part I was able to find a large ornate key hidden in a painting. I used the key on the statue and it unlocked the door. I was able to get down into the underground laboratory and found a book about something called Haemalchemy. I'm not sure what it's about, but Safalaan seemed pretty pleased about it. He gave me a sealed envelope to give to Veliaf.
  • Little did I know but it was a commendation from the highest-ranking member of the Myreque! Veliaf was incredibly pleased and made me a full member of the Myreque.