Transcript of The Curse of Arrav journal entry

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  • I spoke to Ali the Wise. He told me about a tunnel at the top of Trollweiss Mountain. It looks like it leads directly under the Mahjarrat Ritual area. It sounds worth investigating. There are some cave-ins in the tunnel, so I may need to figure out how to mine a way through.
  • I've entered the tunnel at the top of Trollweiss Mountain. I need to explore further. There is lots of rubble in the area that I will need to mine past if I want to go any deeper.
  • I've cleared a path through some of the rubble in these tunnels. It looks like I can explore further if I can clear more rubble.
  • After digging through lots of rubble, I seem to have emerged in the cellar of some sort of building. I wonder what else I can find.
  • I've explored a bit further and run into Arrav! I must be in a building belonging to Zemouregal. Arrav is still very much under Zemouregal's control and attacked me.
  • Arrav has told me that I should go to the room to the south of where we just met and look behind a flame tapestry - there may be something that can help both of us.
  • I looked behind the tapestry and found a key and some plans to Zemouregal's other base in the south of the Wilderness. They look rather complex. Maybe Ali the Wise can help me interpret them.
  • I showed the plans of Zemouregal's base to Ali the Wise. There is something called the heart of Arrav marked on the plans, but it seems to be protected by a frightening array of security measures. Maybe I can formulate some sort of plan with Ali to get to the heart of the problem and help Arrav.
  • I need to find some way to safely remove Arrav's heart from Zemouregal's spell without killing him. Senliten the pharaoh queen seems to be knowledgeable about disembodied organs: maybe she can help me.
  • Senliten has suggested I might be able to make a special liquid, that can be used to safely transport Arrav's heart. She has given me a canopic jar. I will need to add some sacred oil, three dwellberries and a ring of life.
  • I have added some sacred oil to the canopic jar. I still need to add three dwellberries and a ring of life.
  • I have added some sacred oil and some dwellberries to the canopic jar. I still need to add a ring of life.
  • I've filled the canopic jar with heart-preserving liquid. I wonder if Ali the Wise has thought of any ideas for getting further into Zemouregal's base yet.
  • Well, we don't have much of a plan, but I'm going to head to Zemouregal's base with the following equipment:
  • Some sort of insulating protection
  • Some way of remote viewing
  • A rope and grappling hook
  • A crossbow to fire the grappling hook
  • The base key I found behind a tapestry in Zemouregal's fort.
  • I used my key to get further into Zemouregal's base. Now it's time to explore!
  • I found the way into the sewers. They seem I need to find a way to insulate myself from the electricity.
  • I wore some insulating boots to protect myself from the sewer electricity. Now to find out whether these sewers lead anywhere useful.
  • At the other end of sewers I found a pipe that looks like it might lead back upstairs. I'm a bit worried there might be some of those patrolling zombies at the other end. I need to find some way to remotely view to see if the coast is clear.
  • I used a familiar so I could tell when it was safe to climb up the pipe from the sewers. I'm now in an inner area of Zemouregal's base. Time to explore more.
  • Ultimately, I need to figure out how to get through a big pair of metal doors.
  • I managed to crack a code to get through a big pair of metal doors. There are a number of fire rays in the room on the other side that I need to figure out how to get past.
  • I used my grappling hook to get past the fire rays. Next I need to carefully remove Arrav's heart from its pedestal.
  • I have Arrav's heart, but I'm not sure what to do with it now. Ali the Wise seems very wise so I could go back and talk to him about it.