Transcript of The Cult of Orcus

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This transcript involves dialogue with Dr Nabanik and the player.

Pater's log[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Pater's log page 1.

Lord Zaros defeated? I do not believe this. Even so, I am confident in his ability, in his power - he shall endure, he shall return. I must keep the faith with my fetials. Our faith must remain strong, as should our resolve. Our duties shall not change - ours is a holy decree, and we shall serve until the bitter end, and beyond if we must. Even death cannot stop us, and I shall make sure the other priests understand this. I shall have to consider how I word things, however, for I know what the fetials call me behind my back. 'Pater Dis' - the translation isn't quite right, but I take it they mean 'Hell Father'. If only they knew how close to the truth that was. I will admit it is a clever name, and if I ever discover who coined it, I shall make sure to praise their creativity...right before I kill them. Even in jest, I cannot allow gossip that even skirts close to the true nature of my appointment to Kharid-et. This fortress, or rather the secrets it contains, are far too valuable to the empire, even more so with the loss of our Lord Zaros. And should the soldiers fail to keep them safe, then I am placed to do whatever I must to bury them.

Most of the guard accompanying the Praetor are clueless - devout, true, but hired muscle nonetheless - however, I have noted that she and some of her officers carry the secret mark of the Cult. I must find a way to counsel with them and the Praetor alone, away from prying eyes. I presume she has been sent here for similar reasons to why I was posted here...but I need to be surreptitious in how I broach this subject with her, lest she is as clueless as the rest of this fort.

-Pater Lucius Castillius
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I find myself thinking back to my earliest days in the priesthood, about how when I started, I was so filled with faith in our Lord Zaros and the joys of spreading the truth of the empire. I recall when I was hand-picked in secret to join the Cult of Orcus, and the feeling that I was part of something greater still. The necromantic magic I learned, though, was always distanced from me - the entities I raised were abstract and foreign.

That is not the case here, though. I find myself wrestling with the concept of raising a legion of undead filled with priests whom I have counselled, soldiers who have protected this fort, families that I have preached the word of Zaros to. I know there is no difference - a body, any body, is just flesh to shape - and just having lived and worked with these people, to have known them in life, should not change my plan nor keep me from performing my duty. Still, it plagues my thoughts.

To this end, I have begun to perform the Ritual of Shadows in order to allay myself of these thoughts. I fear that if I do not rid myself of this pesky sentiment and morality, I will not be able to perform the duty I know I must. The secrets of Kharid-et must be kept, even if the cost is my own soul.

-Pater Lucius Castillius
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It took every ounce of martial strength in this fort to defeat the demon war party, and now nothing is left to continue our defence. The Prefect is dead. Her soldiers are dead. The civilians are evacuated. Only a handful of us remain.

Praetor Trindine has ensconced herself within the main vault to perform a ritual of protection, working to hide the praetorium itself in shadow. I suppose she would not have achieved her position without some ability, so fine, I leave her to it.

However, only one course of action remains for me... I have augured a force of Saradominist sympathisers now on approach to our defenceless fort. In preparation for their arrival, I have been slowly pouring energy into the defence pylons. Not to keep this new assault out when it arrives, but to trap it inside. I must make this place so forsaken that no more will dare to set foot inside.

Meanwhile, the handful of praetorians that remain of the Cult of Orcus have been tasked with raising the fallen...

Once the icyene arrive, we shall raise the shield and trap them inside with an overwhelming force of undead - loyalist soldiers, traitorous demons and righteous angels alike. Death shall make allies of us all!

-Pater Lucius Castillius

Dr Nabanik[edit | edit source]

Talking to Dr Nabanik about the mystery[edit | edit source]

Before finding all the pages[edit | edit source]

  • Dr Nabanik: We've made some good progress, but we need to find more clues.

After finding all the pages[edit | edit source]

Before completing the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Dr Nabanik: Great job, we've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.
  • Congratulations! You have completed: 'The Cult of Orcus' - Solve this mystery.
  • You gain 11,000 Archaeology XP for completing a mystery!
After completing the mystery[edit | edit source]
  • Dr Nabanik: We've found everything and I've made notes in the site report.