Transcript of The Covenant of Perpetual Conflict

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Index[edit | edit source]

The Doctrine

The Ignorance

The Method

The Doctrine[edit | edit source]

and so we know these things to be truths beyond the understanding of those who walk blindly through our world - that both our Orders see more clearly than other mortals.

It is through conflict that we prove ourselves, whether we follow Lord Zamorak or Lord Saradomin. We foster conflict throughout this world, that our forces may be honed for the ultimate battle. Then war shall return to Gielinor, and our gods shall walk among us.

Ancient rivalries will be reforged and battles rejoined. Through this conflict, we shall overcome.

When this comes? This Covnenant is broken. No more shall we work together. Our time will have come.

The Ignorance[edit | edit source]

And still the masses remain ignorant of our efforts. We laugh at how blind they are.

We have imprisoned the bumbling caretaker of the Salve, aided the foolish Myreque, established the Mercenary Protocol, and brought werewolves across the Salve to spread terror.

They wail at our efforts, yet do not see the pain we have worked upon them, for the good of all.

It is for the good of all that we maintain this veil. We cooperate, for now, until we meet upon the field of battle and prove our worth to our Masters.

The Method[edit | edit source]

And so we continue to practice as we preach.

We hone our combat prowess, our prayers and magic. We will be ready for our task in the last of days.

Meanwhile, we strive to wreak destruction, to stoke the fires of war and bring the two states against each other as the barrier collapses between them.

A holy task.