Transcript of The Chosen Commander journal entry

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  • I spoke to Captain Undak. He thought that one of the human merchants in the city was a H.A.M. agent who was selling poisoned food. Some of the children had fallen ill.
  • I spoke to Torzek, the assistant teacher.
  • I questioned the children and told Captain Undak that I knew which foods were poisoned.
  • I worked out which merchant was the H.A.M. agent.
  • While I was fighting the H.A.M. agent, Zanik appeared through a magic portal!
  • Zanik and I defeated the H.A.M. agent and Captain Undak took him into custody.
  • Zanik told me how she escaped from Yu'biusk and found a magic pendant.
  • Zanik and I reported to the council. Zanik wanted the H.A.M. agent to be executed, but the council refused. Zanik stormed out of the meeting, waited outside the council chamber until it had finished, then killed the H.A.M. agent with her crossbow. She then ran away.
  • Captain Undak asked me to look for Zanik.
  • I found Zanik.
  • I convinced Zanik to return to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • The council ruled that Zanik must be banished from the city for killing the prisoner.
  • I spoke to Zanik before she left.
  • Captain Undak asked me to investigate the H.A.M. group to see if they are planning any more attacks.
  • I learned that Sigmund had set up his own H.A.M. group in Kandarin.
  • I got into Sigmund's new H.A.M. base under the windmill north of Ardougne.
  • I found that Sigmund's followers were interrogating a goblin prisoner.
  • I spoke to the goblin prisoner, who turned out to be Grubfoot, the generals' dogsbody from Goblin Village.
  • I should help Grubfoot to escape.
  • I helped Grubfoot to escape from Sigmund's base. Zanik attacked the base with a goblin army.
  • Zanik killed Sigmund after cutting off his hand to stop him from using his ring of life. Then she turned on me!
  • I helped Zanik to fight the power that was controlling her, and she managed to take off the magic pendant. The goblin High Priest picked up the pendant and then teleported away, saying he was going to attack Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Zanik used a moving-over-distance sphere to teleport us both away. We arrived off-course in a small cave.
  • There was an earthquake and the cave collapsed, cutting me off from Zanik.
  • I spoke to Zanik through the fallen rocks. She is not hurt, but she is trapped.
  • I cleared a path through the rubble.
  • I have rescued Zanik.
  • Zanik and I went back to Dorgesh-Kaan.
  • Captain Undak told me what had happened. A huge figure in glowing armour had appeared and planted an obelisk in the middle of the city.
  • The Dorgeshuun Council discussed what to do about the new threat. Zanik made a speech. The council decided they had no option but to fight, even if it was hopeless.
  • I helped the people of Dorgesh-Kaan prepare for the possible destruction of their city.
  • Zanik and I defeated the Bandos avatar.
  • Zanik was badly hurt in the fight, but turned out to be alright.
  • Zanik destroyed the pendant of Bandos.
  • With the pendant destroyed, Bandos's plan to control the Dorgeshuun has been foiled. Zanik and I returned to Dorgesh-Kaan.