Transcript of The Burden of Guilt

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Exile and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Exile: Your words carried weight with me, naabe. I may no longer be a worldbearer, but I still carry burdens. I need to find a way to rid myself of them.
  • Player: Perhaps the Eastern Lands is not for you? There aren't any gorajo here.
  • The Exile: How sure are you of that? I have heard rumours of a ramokee trading in The Hook region. Though I came to the east to escape my past, I also came in search of another exile - my brother... If I cannot be a worldbearer for the gorajo of my world, perhaps I can be a worldbearer for him... if I can find him.
  • Player: A brother? You should have said sooner. One of my captains has connections in that region. We'll get you there.
  • The Exile: I will require only sustenance and a place to lay my head.
  • Player: As you wish. I'll make the arrangements.
  • The Exile: My thanks, naabe.

After Voyage

  • Player: Welcome back. Did you find the other gorajo?
  • The Exile: Your captain's contacts were smugglers. They promised to reveal his location if I smuggled jewels for them.
  • Player: And you helped them?
  • The Exile: For a time. One smuggling trip became another, then another...but they gave me nothing. I reported them to the authorities. They were arrested and executed and I was banished from the island.
  • Player: It sounds like they took advantage of you.
  • The Exile: I was lucky. I should have been executed with them. It would have been just for my past crimes.
  • Player: What past crimes? Something you did back in Daemonheim? You said you weren't ramokee.
  • The Exile: And that was no lie. I said that I was not gorajo. I said that I was not ramokee.
  • Player: But you were ramokee once? A lie of omission is still a lie.
  • The Exile: It is not like that. I do not wish to speak of it.
  • Player: I prefer to know about the past of the people in my port - particularly if it threatens my people. If you want to use my ships, you need to tell me.
  • The Exile: I understand.