Transcript of The Brain

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.


  • The Occultist: It is a delight and a pleasure to be in your presence. I am Zu Zu. Delirious to meet you again. Now, I have a rather unique proposition: I want to die. While that might seem swiftly resolved, I am also immortal.
  • Player: Immortal? Wouldn't you want to enjoy your immortality, rather than die?
  • The Occultist: Oh, immortality has its advantages, but it makes one something of a target. Tyrants want immortality for themselves, soothsayers - of all people - want to silence you permanently. Common, everyday problems, I'm sure you'll find. They're all following me, after my gift. Trouble is, I'm not the kind of lady to freely dish out immortality, certainly not to evil tyrants. As the saying goes, I'd rather die.
  • Player: There must be other solutions. Why not stop them before they get to you?
  • The Occultist: I'm handy enough with a concealed knife, but killing them all would take several lifetimes, no pun intended.
  • Player: Isn't there a ritual; a spell that could remove your powers?
  • The Occultist: Well, aren't you a clever puppy? Yes, I suppose there might be. Not that it's ever been tried on someone as powerful as me, of course. But there's no harm in trying. I have nothing better to do, since death is off the cards. The ritual requires three things: the brain, the body and the blood. The brain is first. We'll find it at the centre of a living island, guarded by floating eyes. The eyes act as the brain's sensory system, I believe. Darling, would you help me carve a little brain? It was your idea, after all. And I would repay you handsomely.


  • The Occultist: Brain matter is so cloying. Remind me to pack a purse and tissues next time we steal some brain. Still, we were wondrously successful. On to the body! It should be easier to get hold of than the brain, but life is rarely so well ordered. For now, we should rest. I'll return later with another delicious affair for us both.