Transcript of The Book of the Godless

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Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

Dear Kara-Meir,

I noticed the flecks of blood on your last letter. It's always fun to play this game, and I get to uncork my bloodsource potions (not much call for them in sleepy Taverley). The potion's past its best, but I'd hazard a guess that the blood's human, from West Ardougne. Am I right? It would make the score 3-2 to me, I believe.

Anyway, Kara, I have news, some of which you'll have heard.

Guthix is dead, and the other druids are spreading the word to towns and cities. I'm not with them, as I'm leaving the order. It'll come as no surprise to you; I've been thinking about leaving for some time. It rung false: why would Guthix want us to live as equals, if he was above us in every conceivable way - in wisdom, in morals, in power? I always mistrusted him for that.

But Guthix never wanted me - us - to worship him. He wanted to abandon the notion of worship completely, so that he could retire and leave the world to mortals. When Kaqemeex told me that, a fog cleared. Everything I'd thought until then was wrong.

So I've left the druids, Kara. My new address is attached. When you've finished your bloody tour of Kandarin, would you come see me? I have a proposal, and I wonder if you'd be interested in pursuing it.

Safest regards,

- Biehn

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]


Yep, you guessed right - she was from West Ardougne. Not sure you get the victory, though, as your details were a little vague. She was middle aged, a Zamorakian spy, and missing an arm when she died.

Sure, I'd heard about Guthix - hard not to. The Zamorakian monks to the west keep claiming the kill, as if they slipped a knife in his side personally. Course, the monks say that with Guthix gone, chaos reigns, the world is Zamorak's etc.

Glad to hear you've moved on from the druids. They were bound to chuck you out for your blood potions and portal magicks, anyhow. I guess you keep your reputation this way - whatever that reputation is. Old, gruff and verging on crazy?

I can't make it to your new address - not for a while, anyway. Do you mind sending me your proposal in a letter? Should be safe as long as you threaten the courier a little. An honest threat dispatches a letter, quick and unread.

I'm developing an entourage - if one person counts. You said I should travel with others, so I'm with a demon called Ux. Don't worry, he's not your traditional horns-and-brimstone type. He's broken from the Demon Pact and plans to take arms against Zaros and Zamorak. Thought that might interest you.

- Kara-Meir

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

Dear Kara-Meir,

Good grief - a demon? Always wanted to know about the Infernal Dimensions, and how Zaros got them to sign the pact. You have to admire using the demons' love of contracts against them.

I've risked writing my proposal in a letter. It's against my better judgment to send it like this, but the post-boy had an honest face and - once he read your name on the envelope - he knew what would happen if it was waylaid.

So, to my proposal. I apologise for the bombast. It's a fantastic opportunity to be self-important:

'This world - Gielinor - is for mortals. It is not for gods, since they can find no peace with one another, let alone us. Gods bring war, know war, and are war. It is mortals alone that can find peace, as long as they share a common ground, and that common ground is a defence against gods.'

So, I want to gather like-minded people. I want to gather those that have a shred of doubt when they pray; who feel a tug of fear that the gods are returning; who question the right for gods to rule. I want to gather these people and form an alliance, changing the minds of the populace, standing firm and silent against the gods. I want the gods to be faced with a wall of resistance - and I want them to leave.

And I want you to help me do it. What do you think? That sit right with you? I was considering 'The Antitheists' as a name.

Safest regards,

- Biehn

Chapter 4[edit | edit source]


That's just about the worst name I've ever heard.

Just call them 'The Godless', for pity's sake. Solid and uncomplicated - nobody's going to misunderstand your aims.

I'll be in Misthalin soon. Heard rumours of a portal in Lumbridge (your doing?), and it gives Ux a headache. I'll be following the crowds, and Ux will be following the headache, probably to carve out the source - as long as it's not you. While he's sniffing about, we should meet.

Your idea lacks conviction. It'll sound weak to people you're addressing, and they won't buy it. Also, why change people's minds when the gods themselves are fallible? Guthix died so we could know the gods are vulnerable. Take advantage of that.

Still, your ideas are progressive - more than most I've heard, anyway. You'll need protection; your potions are nothing more than misdirection, and you need time to work your portals, so my blades are yours. Can't have you getting killed over a revolution, can I?

- Kara-Meir