Transcript of The Book of Zaros

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Chapter 1:[edit | edit source]

From Ayanetka: Archbishop of Senntisten, to the bishops of Zaros,

Conflicting accounts of recent events abound. I am first among all humans in the eyes of our Lord Zaros and witness to these events, and I write to you now with the truth

Zamorak attacked Zaros with a staff stolen from another god, and our lord Zaros vanished into shadow. Zamorak - in the ultimate blasphemy - declared that Zaros was slain and that he was now a god. The usurper's minions defeated Zaros's loyal followers, and now hold the Divine Palace. I write this from the palace of Nex, where she and Azzanadra are even now planning a counter-attack.

Do not believe Zamorak's lies, and do not despair. Remember the way of Zaros and exercise control: first over yourselves, and then over your congregations. Zamorak and his horde have embraced chaos, and those who do so will destroy themselves before long. We must cleave the path of Zaros: control over those below, and deference to those above.

Our god is not dead. He will rule from the Shadow Realm until he returns to destroy the usurper. We are not forsaken. I have no doubt that he will send us a sign.

Chapter 2:[edit | edit source]

From Dagroda, Priest-King of Senntisten, to the commanders of the Army of Zaros.

For a hundred generations we have held the Holy City against the armies of the usurper and the other gods. Alone among the armies of this world at war, we fight without the presence of our god, and yet we stand unconquered.

But our city now faces an unprecedented threat. The massed armies of Zamorak and Saradomin approach us at once, each larger than any army the city has repulsed before. Wahisietel's attempts to set the armies against one another have failed.

With a heavy heart, I therefore decree that we are to abandon the Holy City and retreat to the strongholds of Carrallangar, Dareeyak and Ghorrock. This will be a difficult transition, and discipline is essential. The elderly and the infirm will not be able to make the journey north. I authorise you to use all necessary means to control the civilian population.

Remember, our god is not dead, but rules from the Shadow Realm. Senntisten's fall is part of his plan. He has not forsaken us, and will soon send us a sign.

Chapter 3:[edit | edit source]

From Lamarinta, Matriarch of Ghorrock, to the people of the Last Enclave.

Rejoice, brothers and sisters! What you have heard is true - Ali the Wise has journeyed from the south to confirm it. The War of the Gods is over. Guthix, God of Balance, has awoken and cast the other gods from Gielinor.

There are now only a hundred of us - harried on every side by the armies of the lesser gods, and forced to keep our faith secret. Despite these things, we have prevailed. The God Wars are over, and there are still those in Gielinor who worship Zaros.

Do you not see? While the other gods exhausted themselves in war and were banished, our lord Zaros bided his time in the Shadow Realm. Now he can emerge to reclaim his kingdom, and we - who have kept the faith - will be lifted to his side!

Rejoice! Our god is coming. We are not forsaken, and I eagerly await his sign.

Chapter 4:[edit | edit source]

Private diary of Amelia of Avarrocka, last member of the Esoteric Order of the Empty Lord.

In my life I have taken four apprentices, and each has fallen to violence or disease before taking an apprentice of their own. Now I am confined to my small bed, and I know it will be where I die.

It takes all my will not to fall into despair. Can it really be that I will be the last in a line stretching back to the archbishops of Senntisten?

It can be, and it is. Yet despair is not all I feel, for I have experienced a vision from Zaros:

I saw a throne room, in which there was no direct light; only degrees of shadow. I saw no one in the throne room, and yet I knew it was the seat of a great power. The throne was empty, and yet it was that emptiness that ruled: my god - the Empty Lord.

At last, I understood. When a lord has no servants, he cannot be betrayed. Zaros will return, but he will rule not as a king in a palace, but as the unknown power behind all things. If he needs followers he will choose only a few, powerful beings. He will not need the tiny remnant of his first empire, whose only virtue is having kept faith.

I die in peace. Zaros - in his wisdom - has forsaken me.