Transcript of The Book of Zamorak

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Chapter 1: The First Step[edit | edit source]

My name is Moia, and I was wrong.

I was led to believe that I was worthless; a failure; a mistake. Such were Lucien - my father's - words, and they were all I knew.

I was a failed experiment, he claimed - the thaumaturgical offspring of Mahjarrat and human. I'm not sure what my father hoped for from my conception, but I was certainly not it.

Ironically, it was on an errand from my father that I awakened - one that he considered worthless enough to give to me. I was tasked with hunting down a missing Mahjarrat deep within the heart of Daemonheim. I battled soldiers, crushed necromancers and uncovered a secret that my father would have killed for. In the heart of the dungeon, I found Bilrach, and we had much to discuss.

I left Daemonheim and walked into a new world, stepping across planes in a single stride. Gielinor melted away around me and I found myself in a world that was both wondrous and alien. It was formed from fire; mutable in state, in countless colours and designs that I lack the words to describe. It was a world of chaos that defied the laws of nature. It was beautiful.

It was at the heart of this world that I first met my lord. He did not command, nor invite. He expected, commanding without a word or gesture, and his presence alone was an instruction that I could not ignore.

Chapter 2: Conflagration[edit | edit source]

He never instructed or taught directly. Following him was difficult, for he crossed the tumultuous terrain with such ease that to keep up exhausted me. He moved through the fire effortlessly, yet it blistered and seared my skin. There were times when I nearly gave up, but I didn't. I persevered; I endured.

That was the lesson.

I learned that life was not about waiting for salvation, or hiding from responsibility behind the edicts of another. It was about what I could take and what I could hold on to. In those months, I found that I could overcome each obstacle he presented to me, and that realisation was intoxicating. With each obstacle removed from my path, I had become stronger in both body and spirit.

He taught me to turn this new-found strength onto the world around me. I was already a gifted sorceress, but he showed me more. He showed me how to mould the fire to suit my needs and how to summon it when I desired its power. Through him I learned that I was worthy; more than that, I knew that he believed everyone to be worthy, if they learned to push themselves hard enough.

Chapter 3: Strength in Chaos[edit | edit source]

We left the world of fire, and we crossed to a new world - young and primal. He took me to a valley and he showed me the newly forming village below. It was filled with tiny people, each of them moving about the place like ants. We watched them for days and each day I noted the same people walked the same paths, the same routes, simply growing older as they performed the same tasks.

Wordlessly he turned to me and gestured to the village and as he did so the very ground tore itself asunder. Fire leaped from beneath the rock and consumed villagers and their homes alike. As soon as the fire started, it was gone, left in its wake was destruction without sense, reason or purpose. At least, I thought so at first.

I confess, in my ignorance I was briefly horrified. Despite my upbringing and my Mahjarrat heritage, the humanity in me screamed that this was wrong; an act of senseless cruelty. I was outraged, but he simply smiled and pointed once more to the village.

As I watched, the people began to move out of their standard patterns, breaking free of monotony and routine. They created a line and passed containers of water from one to another, the last in the line dousing the flames as yet more followed. Leaders sprang up and began to spread order amongst the chaos and healers appeared to tend to the wounded. Suddenly their lives had meaning, and I watched in amazement as they took this tragedy and turned it into the foundation of a stronger society.

Strength in chaos. Finally, I understood.

Chapter 4: The Last Lesson[edit | edit source]

He showed me countless worlds that all showed the same. Without chaos, life stagnates. People become complacent and do not seek to better themselves. Achievement is defined by overcoming obstacles, and obstacles are only created through chaos and strife; through the unexpected.

I had been so used to thinking of myself as worthless, that I too had grown complacent. I was my father's servant, and knew not how to be otherwise, but now my lord has shown me. Under Lucien's rule I did as I was told; as a spy, or an unwilling jester, but never anything more than a pawn. In Daemonheim I found dangers that I had never anticipated, and power that I had been denied. In short, I encountered chaos and it forged me anew. Under Zamorak's guidance, I was reborn.

My name is Moia, and I was wrong.

I am no servant.