Transcript of The Body

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.


  • The Occultist: Darling - you look a delicious treat, as usual. I just want to pick you up, dip you in honey and nibble on you. But first, shall we continue our travails? The second element of the ritual is the body. We'll find it at the Keening Reef, where sea monsters go to die. As their spirit leaves them, they fall to the bottom of the sea and form the reef. Smaller fish then eat from the reef. It's the great circle of life, as tiresome ecologists will no doubt tell you. Anyway, we'll be wanting to steal a portion of it. It shouldn't be much of a trial - the sea monsters will be on their last legs, tentacles and assorted other appendages.


  • Player: I thought you said the voyage would be easy! There was a warrior riding an albino narwhal!
  • The Occultist: Oh, it sounds more marvellous than it is. The warrior's name is Discord. He's the official bodyguard of Quin, my previous employer. Quin is a seasinger - the most powerful the Eastern Lands has ever seen, and she is fascinated by eternal life. She wants to live forever, as is the wont[sic] of most tyrants, I suppose. I was the one put in charge of that pet project. She gave me everything I needed to research eternal life. Sacrificial subjects, old tomes, oiled man-slaves. But Quin wasn't always obsessed with immortality. That was the result of an assassination attempt. And she hasn't given up on the idea since I ran away: hence the bodyguard and albino narwhal following us. Needless to say, we should probably avoid Quin and Discord in the future. They've been yapping like dogs at my back for some time now, and they won't let up. Still, I'm tired. What do you say I have a nap, and we reconvene later to natter about the blood?