Transcript of The Blood Pact journal entry

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  • Xenia, an old adventurer, said she had seen some Zamorakian cultists entering the catacombs beneath Lumbridge Church. She asked me to go with her into the catacombs to deal with them.
  • Inside the catacombs, Xenia and I overheard the cultists talking about a blood pact.
  • The first cultist shot Xenia, wounding her badly. She will not be able to fight.
  • I defeated the first cultist.
  • I [killed/spared] the first cultist.
  • I defeated the second cultist.
  • I [killed/spared] the second cultist.
  • I defeated the third cultist.
  • If you killed Reese
    • I killed the third cultist.
  • If you spared Reese
    • I spared the third cultist, but he killed himself by drinking poison.
  • The death of the third cultist completed the ritual. A tomb in the catacombs collapsed, revealing a staircase.
  • I untied the prisoner and escaped from the catacombs.
  • Xenia thanked me for my help.