Transcript of The Blood

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Occultist and the player.


  • The Occultist: So, next on my rather unappetising shopping list is the blood. May I be honest and straightforward with you? This is the part of the ritual that I have been looking forward to least. It's not that it's difficult or harrowing. Oh no, it'll be the quickest of the tasks. The problem is sentimental, I'm afraid. The blood comes from corpse moss, which grows on the graves of sacrificed creatures. It means travelling to Aloft Dagger. I grew up there, sweetie. It brings back...memories. The soothsayers taught me within its walls, but my abilities were prodigious. They didn't know how to deal with me, and my powers soon outstripped theirs. They took exception to that, as many weaker individuals do. They kept me isolated and fed me very little. I was given mayflies and mosquitoes to sacrifice, but nothing bigger. Quin, the seasinger, got wind of me, and demanded my freedom. She took me into her employ, calling me her 'Occultist'. She gave me the remit to sacrifice anything: sea monsters, demons, even humans. There hadn't been an occultist in the Eastern Lands for decades. We were once numerous, until the khans got paranoid that the occultists might usurp them. So, the khans gathered their tridents and hunted them down. And, while the soothsayers will sacrifice a goat, chicken or fish, they wouldn't dare stoop to killing talking, thinking creatures. That's the work of those very unsavoury occultists. Alas, the soothsayers now want to put me to death. That won't do them much good, of course, but I'm sure they'll find ways to inconvenience me. Anyway, darling, enough of the digression. The blood. Shall we?


  • Player: What happened?
  • The Occultist: It was Oroshu, the old pervert. He took the blood, body and brain from me and demanded that I travel to his island, Falling Blossom.
  • Player: Who is Oroshu? And what does he want from you?
  • The Occultist: He's a khan, darling, and he wants the fulfilment of an old promise. He wants me to marry him.
  • Player: Why did you agree to that?
  • The Occultist: I was desperate at the time! I was working for Quin, just after she had turned paranoid and genocidal - you know, when she was demanding the secret of eternal life. So I found eternal life, more by accident than anything else. I sacrificed a family of sea monsters and twisted their intestines about each other in a spiral. I focused the ritual on myself and - miracle of miracles - nothing could damage me. I even threw myself off a roof to test it. As I fell from the tower, I had an epiphany. No one should get these powers. Who would be able to stop a person like that? Who would be able to stop Quin? So, I picked myself up, seduced Oroshu - who was visiting Quin - and made him promise to get me out in exchange for marriage. As he smuggled me out on his leisure barge, I kept a pin in my corset, ready to pick a lock and escape. The swollen pig. He's got two hundred wives already! I'd hoped he'd forget me. But, then again, who can forget a woman like me? Anyway, it seems that Oroshu and I have a little date. I'll powder my nose, sharpen my concealed knife, and I'll meet with you later, sweetie.