Transcript of The Belly of the Whale

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Missionary and the player.


  • The Missionary: I won't deny that I've been... debating my recent actions. I've taken the wrong path, some way back. I've posed myself the question: when did I take the wrong fork? Was it when I was young, when I was sure a knight's life was for me? Was it when I was cast out from the knights, and thought the Church offered truth and gain? Was it when I vowed to bring a strong arm to my faith, as well as the fire of conviction? Gah! Or was it later than that? Should I not have come to this dark place? I let those orphans die to the Purists. I felt it was better that a few died so that the others would learn! What demon of Zamorak does that? But I can be redeemed. A pilgrimage of meditation and prayer is needed. I hear tell of an island in the Bowl, a place that opens the heart to truth. The natives offer no explanation for it, but it's clearly Saradomin's grace. Please - help me find it. Help save me.


  • Player: My captain tells me that you didn't set foot on the mysterious island. You haven't lapsed again, have you?
  • The Missionary: Indeed not! But you're right, I didn't complete my pilgrimage.
  • Player: Why are you so happy? And why is my crew telling me that the voyage was successful?
  • The Missionary: I have a story to tell you! We passed within sight of a tiny island not on our charts, and we decided to set course for it.
  • Player: My crew are usually better disciplined than that.
  • The Missionary: It was the island!
  • Player: Wait - so you DID set foot on the mysterious island.
  • The Missionary: No! As we got closer, we saw a Zamorakian ship at dock. I swam to that ship, stealthily boarded and snuck up to eavesdrop. They were making plans - plans for Hyu-Ji. The Zamorakians plan to hire a mercenary fleet. With three or four extra ships, they intend to raze Hyu-Ji. Having heard that, I swam back for the ship at once, and we sailed home.
  • Player: Without stopping for your own devotions?
  • The Missionary: The voyage brought me more clarity than twenty pilgrimages. I get to repay the orphans in the manner I know best!