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This transcript involves dialogue with The Assassin, The Convict, and the player.

In Bar[edit | edit source]

  • The Assassin: What do you want?
  • Player: How are things going with you, Ling?
    • Before A Jade Frog in the Throat:
      • Ling: I'm investigating that group of slavers who've been operating in the Arc region. They must learn that they cannot just take what they want, not if they want to keep their heads. Your port is full of idle talk. It is the perfect place to glean information.
    • After A Jade Frog in the Throat:
      • Ling: I'd rather not be hiding in taverns, but ever since that Death Lotus assassin spotted me I have had to keep a low profile.
    • After The Death Lotus:
      • Ling: I'm just taking a break from interrogating Bak, that boorish Death Lotus assassin we captured. Nothing like interrogation to build up a thirst.
    • After Woe for Wu:
      • Ling: Kirau is still looking for Baby Tooth's location.  The Death Lotus leader is a man difficult to track down.  Luckily for me, Kirau is excellent at what he does.
    • After Baby Tooth:
      • Ling:   How do you think things are going?  Kirau's betrayal has left me stung.  But I will have my revenge.  He will die with my hands about his throat. I've returned here to see what information I can gather, someone must know where Kirau is hiding.
    • After Pulling the Tooth:
      • The Assassin: I'm still basking in my newfound freedom. With the Death Lotus in ruins I can live my life as I wish. I have you to thank for that.
    • After Meet the Partner - Again
      • The Assassin: I am anxious to continue with our campaign against Quin. I cannot wait to see what you have planned next.
    • After In Memory of Kirau
      • The Assassin: I can scarcely believe Kirau's family forgave me. With their support, we will kill Quin - believe me.
    • After Assault on Paradise
      • The Assassin: One day, I hope to set up a guild of assassins to rival the Death Lotus. For now, I think there's a lot to be learned from watching you in action.
  • Player: I'm in need of someone with your skills...
    • The Assassin: Certainly. I would never turn down a chance to practice my skills.
    • Voyage screen opens
  • Player: Do you prefer to work alone?
    • Without the Convict unlocked:
      • The Assassin: If you could find a suitable partner - someone who's used to the shadows - I'd consider working with them.
      • Unlock the Convict (90 Thieving required) to unlock additional joint voyages.
    • With the Convict unlocked and not present:
      • The Assassin: I'd consider working with that convict who frequents your bar. We practice similar crafts.
      • If both the Convict and Assassin are in port at the same time, additional joint voyages will be made available.
    • With the Convict unlocked and in port:
      • The Assassin: I suppose I could do a job with that convict over there. He could watch my back.
      • The Convict: Convict? Watch YOUR back? I've never been so insulted.
      • Voyage screen opens
  • Player: How's the life of an assassin?
    • The Assassin: Not too different from yours, I'd imagine. We are both skilled killers, are we not? You know what a heavy burden that can be, but by only killing the deserving... Well, that can help.
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Story Voyages[edit | edit source]

Meet the Assassin[edit | edit source]

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  • The Assassin: Call off your dogs before I cut off their ears!
  • Player: You've killed eight people in cold blood. You're lucky my crew didn't throw you overboard.
  • The Assassin: And your crew were wise to stay away from me. I enjoyed killing those slavers, and I would happily kill them twenty times over.
  • Player: Slavers?
  • The Assassin: Yes, slavers! It's not enough that you westerners take goods from Wushanko; you must take the people also.
  • Player: And you're the one to judge and execute the slavers?
  • The Assassin: These people are being taken to Morytania. Vampyres won't judge the slavers; they will look hungrily at the slaves and pay for shiploads more.
  • Player: Not every westerner is a vampyre or slaver. You could have brought the problem to me - to the authorities - rather than starting a killing spree.
  • The Assassin: Why bring it to anyone? In the east, a crime is swiftly answered - with the removal of limbs, or death. I am not one to remove limbs. As you can see, it doesn't stop a person from killing.
  • Player: Well, you're in the west now. You are under my supervision while the authorities decide what to do with you.
  • The Assassin: If I stay here, it will be because I choose.
  • Player: Well, don't kill anyone. I've grown attached to my crew.
  • The Assassin: I will only sting if I am provoked, Little Khan.
  • Congratulations - you have unlocked the Assassin adventurer, Ling! The Assassin now has a chance to visit your port daily, bringing voyage opportunities.

A Jade Frog in the Throat[edit | edit source]

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  • The Assassin: Little Khan, I have something you will want to hear.
  • Player: Why do you think I'd be interested in what a sixteen-year old assassin has to say?
  • The Assassin: Eighteen-and-a-half, actually. I have news from an old friend and informer. His name's Kirau, and his information has never failed me.
  • Player: Well, what news does this Kirau have?
  • The Assassin: I drove a group of slavers called the Skulls out of Wushanko. Maybe you have heard of them - they come from around here. Although they may have gone, their eastern contact remains. He's a khan; the ruler of Thalassia. His name is Tombi.
  • Player: What do you know about Tombi?
  • The Assassin: He runs his island like a factory. While it churns out gunpowder, he uses the wealth to build a palace out of jade. His people hate him for it, but they're too weak to do anything: either they've been broken by the sulphur mines or they're taken by slavers.
  • Player: And Tombi's running the slavery ring?
  • The Assassin: He knows his people are easy pickings. He used the Skulls so that his hand remained clean. Then he took the lion's share of profits to fund his green palace. He has to die, of course. I could have stowed away on one of your ships, but I thought it polite to ask first.
  • Player: You can't just kill him!
  • The Assassin: You think I should torture him first? Perhaps you're right.
  • Player: No! I mean what happens to his island when he's dead? It'll be chaos.
  • The Assassin: This man has sent thousands of people to their deaths! Even by your western standards, the man deserves to die.
  • Player: Alright, I'll help you, Ling. But we do it my way. My crew find a replacement to take over, then you remove Tombi.


  • The Assassin: Tombi is dead. I like your choice of replacement. He's already hung, drawn and quartered his corrupt officials.
  • Player: He hu- what? Well, I suppose that's... thorough...
  • The Assassin: There is one small problem. I killed most of Tombi's bodyguards once the alarm was set off, but one got away. He saw my face. I recognised him from... before. He's an assassin of the Death Lotus order. There's not a khan who does not fear them and their work.
  • Player: What does this mean for you?
  • The Assassin: It means that I need to lie low, Little Khan.

The Death Lotus[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Thanks for talking to me. I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.
  • Player: What's happened?
  • The Assassin: Remember the assassin who saw my face when I killed Tombi? The Death Lotus assassin. His name is Bak, and he's been making his way home to the Pearl Fortress, their headquarters. He intends to tell them that I am alive. Bak is scum - he'd stab you in the back, just so he didn't have to carry the weight of his dagger.
  • Player: You know him?
  • The Assassin: I worked for the Death Lotus. Where else could I have become such a trained killer? I have only remained alive because they believe I am dead. If they know I'm alive, assassins will rain down on us like a monsoon.
  • Player: So, you want a ship to catch up with him...
  • The Assassin: You see much, Little Khan. Kairu tells me that Bak is at the Firebird Inn, on the Chimera Isles. If I promise not to kill him, would you take me there, Little Khan?

After Voyage

  • Player: You okay, Ling? My crewmen tell me that Bak was on fire...
  • The Assassin: That is not important right now. The Death Lotus know that I am alive. They've sent a top assassin to have me killed.
  • Player: The Death Lotus? How'd they find out about you?
  • The Assassin: It was that son-of-a-squid, Bak. He sent a letter days ago, and was only heading back to collect a reward. Seems I must kill the leader of the Death Lotus before he kills me. I should let you know who you - we - are up against. To do so means starting with Quin. Have you heard of her? The self-proclaimed 'Khan of the Sea'?
    • (unknown conditions)
    • Player: I have heard of her.
    • (Continues below)
    • (unknown conditions)
    • Player: She's a thorn in everyone's side.
  • The Assassin: Quin is a seasinger - a sorcerer with the power to change currents and brew storms. Most seasingers can share their consciousness with a single sea monster, waking it and controlling it. Quin, however, can control all sea creatures at once. While the Wushanko Isles have never been peaceful, Quin brought carnage; an all-out war between the sea and land. Tens of thousands died. Quin won, but the sea monsters were greatly reduced, which is the only reason we can travel between islands.
  • Player: What does this have to do with you and the Death Lotus?
  • The Assassin: After the war, so many wanted Quin dead. The Khans of the other islands petitioned the Death Lotus to kill Quin, but the order of assassins was unwilling to risk Quin's wrath, for fear of failure. One khan offered the Death Lotus more wealth than the other khans combined. The order of assassins could not turn it down. I was the best assassin; at sixteen I was peerless. Baby Tooth, my leader and mentor, chose me from the ranks available to him. I was envied above all. The Death Lotus smuggled me on to a merchant ship, to Quin's home island - a place she calls 'Paradise'. It's a small island with one palace standing at its centre: an ivory building that sits on four golden pillars. I positioned myself in the rafters of the palace, and waited for Quin to enter her chambers. Seasingers aren't known for their prowess in combat - certainly not on land - so I was surprised to see her with only one bodyguard: an occultist. My dart flew through the air, but the occultist must have known I was there. Her staff knocked the dart from its flight. I fired again, but creeping fire burned my face, and the dart was wayward. The occultist called for guards. I escaped and hid in the jungle for three weeks.
  • Player: What happened then?
  • The Assassin: Then? Many things, but I will leave you eager to hear more. Bak is waiting for me, and there is information that I am keen to extract forcibly from his foul hide.
  • Player: Don't torture anyone in my port!
  • The Assassin: I'll ensure he's quiet, Little Khan, and I'll tell you more of my story once I have gouged the names from Bak.

Woe for Wu[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Woe for Wu.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Big news, Little Khan.
  • Player: Your captive, Bak, has information on the Death Lotus? He knows which assassin has been sent to kill you?
  • The Assassin: That would be skipping to the end! First, I promised you more of my story. After I failed to kill Quin, the Khan of the Sea, I barely returned to the Death Lotus with my life. I did not know what to expect. I knew Baby Tooth, our leader, would be furious. He told me that I had brought shame on the Death Lotus, that the order of assassins would be lucky to survive Quin's wrath. I was to leave the order. I accepted this with reluctance. Then, Baby Tooth asked me to bare my wrists. Wu, Baby Tooth's fat son, grabbed me by the forearm and raised a blade...
  • Player: I'm sorry.
  • The Assassin: Before my hand had even hit the floor, Wu had raised his knife again. He grabbed at my other forearm, but his hands were slippery with blood. I wrested myself from his grasp, ran to the window and threw myself into the sea. A merchant ship picked my unconscious body; that's how I met Kirau.
  • Player: How could the Death Lotus do that to one of their own?
  • The Assassin: We see killing as a game, and I lost. It's how it works.
  • Player: So, which of them is after you now?
  • The Assassin: Bak revealed that Wu, the one who cut off my hand, is charged with taking me home. Kirau has located him on The Island that Reflects the Moon.
  • Player: Will killing Wu stop all this?
  • The Assassin: This hydra only has two heads, Little Khan. I kill Wu, and then Baby Tooth.

After Voyage

  • Player: So, Wu is dead?
  • The Assassin: It is the way of the assassin - fail at your task and your life is forfeit. He failed to take my hand, so I took his head.
  • Player: What do you plan to do with it?
  • The Assassin: I plan to pull a tooth from its mouth and hang it from my belt. We will talk again once I have met with Kirau. He will find Baby Tooth's location. Soon, I will have another tooth for my belt.

Baby Tooth[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: We have to be quick. Baby Tooth, the leader of the Death Lotus assassins, is visiting the training camps of Tokoko. This may be our only chance. Kirau, my old informer, has learned that he will only be there for a day.
  • Player: Do we have a plan?
  • The Assassin: I was raised at the training camps of Tokoko. I used to escape for an evening to the local town, so I could steal ramen. I know the camp's ins and outs. We do not have long before he moves again. This is our only chance, Little Khan. This will stop the Death Lotus assassins from chasing me.
  • Player: Then you have a ship. Good luck, Ling.

After Voyage

  • The Assassin: It... was a trap. If your men hadn't been there, I would be dead.
  • Player: But you're alright, that's what's important.
  • The Assassin: I feel nauseous. Kirau set us up. It can only have been Kirau.
  • Player: You can't know that for sure, he might have been fed false information.
  • The Assassin: Kirau knows everything; I always thought he had something of the soothsayer about him. This is purest betrayal.
  • Player: What will you do?
  • The Assassin: Baby Tooth will pay, but Kirau must die first. Once I've found that serpent, I'll cut open his belly.

Pulling the Tooth[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: I visited Kirau. He was sat, cross-legged in his chambers. He knew why I was there, but didn't move.
  • Player: Did he explain why he betrayed you?
  • The Assassin: He had to. Quin threatened to level Kirau's village, if he did not set a trap for me. She threatened to kill his family, friends and crewmen.
  • Player: Did you let Kirau live?
  • The Assassin: No, I stabbed him in the heart and buried him, according to his customs.
  • Player: I'm sorry. I know Kirau was your friend. It must have been painful.
  • The Assassin: I have the pain locked away, broiling and angry in my chest. I will unleash it on Baby Tooth. That's why I've come here. I plan to attack the Death Lotus at their headquarters, Pearl Fortress. Proud as I am, I know I cannot attack without a ship or a crew.
  • Player: This sounds like a suicide mission, Ling.
  • The Assassin: I would argue otherwise. The order of assassins has grown complacent and proud. They would not dare to believe that someone would attack them brazenly. And you forget that I am angry, and so very good at what I do.
  • Player: Then you have my ship and best wishes. Just make sure my crew comes back.

After Voyage

  • The Assassin: It is done. Baby Tooth is dead, the Death Lotus assassins are broken and my hand has been avenged.
  • Player: Won't they come after you when they get a new leader?
  • The Assassin: No. The game has been won. The Death Lotus will acknowledge this, and return to the other games in play. It's how they have always worked. Quin, the seasinger, is another matter. She may yet abandon her search for me, but part of me hopes not. She is the one who got away, and I would jump at an excuse to kill her.
  • Player: You're pretty fearsome, you know that?
  • The Assassin: Pretty and fearsome. But I could not have got this far without you. You have provided shelter, a ship, crewmen and wisdom when I needed it most. I am at your disposal. Whenever you have need of me, just let me know, Little Khan. You have to admit, it's been fun.

Joint Story Voyages[edit | edit source]

Meet the Partner - Again[edit | edit source]

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Before Voyage

  • The Occultist: Whatever this is, could we get it over with quickly? My bath's getting cold.
  • The Whaler: I'd warm it, lady! Nothing gets a bath hotter than old Hubbub!
  • The Assassin: Ugh. It's like watching your parents flirt.
  • The Partner: Thank you for hearing me out. I know you're all busy people. You see, I've been piecing a puzzle together, ever since you three joined the port. I hope you don't mind, but I've been listening to your conversations, and filling the gaps by reading your journals.
  • The Whaler: Wait, what?
  • The Partner: And your backstories all overlap. Hubbub, you paid the Death Lotus to kill Quin, am I right?
  • The Whaler: Yes, but look - can we go back to the bit where you read our journals?
  • The Partner: Ling, you were sent by the Death Lotus to kill Quin, am I correct?
  • The Assassin: I see where you're going with this. Yes, you are correct.
  • The Partner: And Zu Zu, were you the occultist who foiled that assassination attempt?
  • The Occultist: Yes, yes, very good old man.
  • The Partner: You ALL have an enemy in Quin, and your destinies have become intertwined, like a spiderweb. I haven't been a man of faith for some time, but there's a higher power at play here. Whatever the flavour of your faith - Saradomin, the Fates, flying sea gods - someone is telling you something. I think they're telling you to kill Quin. With that in mind, I have a plan. It's not easy, but it'll get us through the sea monsters, assassins and traps that Quin has surrounded herself with.
  • Player: I've looked at John Strum's plan, and it's a good one. Are you in for killing Quin?
  • The Occultist: Kill the one person who's still hunting me? Sure, I'm in.
  • The Assassin: After what Quin did to Kirau, my informer? Of course I'm in.
  • The Whaler: A chance to avenge my people? Yes, I'm in.
  • The Partner: I'm glad you said that, Hubbub, because the first part of the plan is to convince Shuma to join us. What do you think?
  • The Whaler: That old deaf whale? She'd give her right fin to kill Quin.

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: She didn't take much convincing! She was determined to leave immediately, but I think I swayed her. The old lady doesn't have much in the way of patience. One other thing. We should keep Zu Zu away from Shuma. I don't want anyone to let slip that Zu Zu sacrificed Shuma's family. That would be bad.
  • Player: Deal. So, we have one whale; onto the second part of John Strum's plan.

In Memory of Kirau[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:In Memory of Kirau.

Before Voyage

  • The Whaler: We've got one grumpy whale! She's raring to go. Who's next?
  • The Occultist: I do hope it's me. Get picked last, and you're probably doing something terrible.
  • The Partner: Ling. How well do you know Kirau's crew?
  • The Assassin: I haven't talked to Kirau's crew since I...killed Kirau. I'm not sure they'd want to see me.
  • The Partner: Kirau betrayed you, Ling. you[sic] did what you had to do, and I'm not the only one who thinks that. Kirau's pirates have been killing Quin's sea monsters whenever they get a chance. They don't blame you; they blame Quin. They've been doing all they can to keep Quin isolated on her island home: Paradise.
  • The Assassin: But the pirates must know that I killed Kirau! They would slit my throat before I could explain myself. And they'd have every right.
  • Player: We don't think so, Ling. They're focusing all their efforts on Quin. Which is exactly why we need them. It's also why you're the only one to get them for us.
  • The Whaler: Legless sea spiders! You can't ask a girl to do that!
  • The Occultist: Poor darling. Couldn't one of us go? You'd be surprised what I can achieve with a low neckline.
  • The Partner: There's only one way to get a pirate's help without him turning on you. You convince him that he's been wronged. Ling is the only one who can do that.
  • The Assassin: I will. I should have explained myself at the time. I disrespected his family by running away.

After Voyage

  • The Assassin: I can't believe it! If they had asked me to fall on my sword, I would have. But they forgave me.
  • Player: They know the real enemy, Ling.
  • The Assassin: I owe them so much. You should know, I'm going to be at the front, fighting with them.
  • Player: No one could deny you that, Ling.
  • The Assassin: Good. I thought I was going to have to threaten you. It would have been a shame to put a knife to your throat.

Assault on Paradise[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Assault on Paradise.

Before Voyage

  • The Assassin: Kirau's pirates are armed and they've had a few drinks. That's my way of saying they're ready, by the way.
  • The Whaler: And the ships are tied to Shuma's tail. She's uncomfortable, but she knows how to pull them along without sinking them. Took a few tries to get it right, though.
  • The Occultist: I don't suppose I could learn what my part in all this is?
  • The Partner: You all know the first stage of the plan. Shuma pulls the ship and three pirate galleons behind her. She acts as a giant battering ram, breaking through the ranks of sea monsters that surround Quin's island. Shuma turns before she reaches land and the Whaler disconnects the ships.
  • The Whaler: Then Shuma and I get to play whack-a-monster!
  • The Partner: The ships run aground at the base of the palace, destroying the assassin shacks.
  • The Assassin: And the pirates fight the assassins in broad daylight, without any walls to hide behind. Pirates versus assassins. Has a certain ring to it.
  • The Partner: Then to the part you don't know. In the melee, Zu Zu, you make your way up to the palace.
  • The Occultist: I understand your plan now darling! You're taking advantage of my knowledge, and my inability to be harmed by traps! Delightful. Quin's immortal bodyguard is the one who gets to kill her. There's a whiff of irony to it. It tickles the tastebuds.
  • The Partner: There's only one surprise left. I must demand that I come with you.
  • Player: John, this isn't a mission for a seventy-year-old desk clerk...
  • The Partner: I'm coming, and I'll hear no more of it. Quin took someone from me too, a long time ago. It's not a story I want to divulge. Let's just say it's a sad story, and we all agree to let me join the melee.
  • The Assassin: I'd be happy to have you in the battle, John Strum.
  • Player: If it's something you have to do, I can't stop you. It looks like we have a crew!

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: Dizzy whirlwind spirits! We did it! Quin's dead, Quin's dead! I could jig!
  • The Occultist: Good grief, darling. Could you not?
  • The Assassin: Before we get too deep into celebration, a few things should be mentioned.
  • The Occultist: Don't tell me that Quin lives! I cut out her heart and put it on a stick!
  • The Assassin: No, no, she's very much dead. I wanted to mention that we lost some friends today. The pirates returned after escorting Shuma back to the Glitterhalls. Shuma passed away on the journey. She was old, and her wounds weakened her...
  • The Whaler: Shuma! You big lug, why didn't you tell me you were dying? Gah, why don't women ever talk to me?
  • The Assassin: And John Strum died on the field.
  • The Occultist: It's no surprise; he wanted to die. We were right to let him choose how that happened.
  • Player: We'll remember them all. But we shouldn't forget our achievement; Quin's terrorised everyone...
  • The Whaler: She killed my people.
  • The Assassin: She killed my friends.
  • The Occultist: She made me immortal. Oh, and made me kill people.
  • Player: And, on a personal note, I've enjoyed working with you.
  • The Whaler: And I you. Come see me later when it's less crowded. I've got that hug I promised you.
  • The Assassin: It's been a spectacle. At some point I might set up a rival assassin guild. First, there are a few things about management that I could learn from you.
  • The Occultist: Oh, we're doing the 'what we're up to next' thing? Well, there are a few eligible bachelors here in the west. As long as I can fit some dinner dates into the schedule, feel free to keep sending me on missions.
  • The Whaler: Yes, you can call on us whenever you need us. I think we've all grown a little attached to this place.

Random events[edit | edit source]

Last Orders[edit | edit source]

  • The Assassin: I'm fine for drinks.

A Simple Favour[edit | edit source]

  • The Assassin: I can't say I trust you, old man.

Aminishi[edit | edit source]

  • Ling (contracts): Hello, Little Khan. Do you seek a Death Lotus Slayer contract?
    • Yes.
      • The Current Contract interface opens.
    • No.
      • (Dialogue ends.)