Transcript of The Arc: Chapter II - RuneScape Gameplay Trailer

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] On Monday the 10th of October the Guardians are bringing part two of the Arc.
[00:05] We’re adding brand new islands, brand new miniquests,
[00:08] lots of new things to explore as well as awesome new rewards.
[00:11] This is the perfect time for you to join us in The Arc.
[00:14] Alongside the three islands that we released in chapter one of The Arc we’ve now got four new areas for you to explore.
[00:20] Those are Goshima, a xenophobic island that likes to keep to itself.
[00:24] Cyclosis, the happy-go-lucky island of the Cyclopes.
[00:27] Tuai Leit which is the home to the centre of learning for academics and sea singers
[00:32] and The Island That Once Were Turtles which is a small war torn archipelago turned spiritual wasteland.
[00:38] We’ve also got six new miniquests for you to complete.
[00:41] These resolve your story and the story of your crew members in The Arc region but not without some problems along the way.
[00:47] We’re also introducing The Arch Journal, this is a collective hub for all your discoveries and adventures throughout The Arc.
[00:53] You will need to track birds, capture Kami Spirits, grow berries, harvest mushrooms, complete miniquests and find all the castaways.
[01:02] Chapter two of The Arc has some fantastic new rewards for you
[01:05] these include a hunter outfit which gives six percent extra bonus xp to hunting, a crystal tool siphon,
[01:12] the bonepicker which is an upgrade to the bonecrusher, gloves and boots to the ports armour sets,
[01:17] new divination scrimshaws, a tropical bird pet and a new tradable crablet pet.
[01:22] And of course plenty of smaller things like titles and cosmetics.
[01:26] All members can access the named islands of The Arc,
[01:29] however you will have the most enjoyment if you have level ninety in a variety of skills.
[01:33] With The Arc you’ve got a complete sandbox environment, you can go for best-in-class xp rates, you can explore uncharted islands,
[01:42] you can look at the named islands that complete The Arc region, loads of new things to collect,
[01:46] rewards you can earn that you can take outside of The Arc.
[01:49] If you haven’t already gone to The Eastern Lands now is the perfect time.
[01:55] The Arc
Chapter II