Transcript of The 2014 RuneScape Gathering!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hey everyone I'm madly and today I
[00:11] wanted to tell you all about the annual
[00:13] runescape gathering this is an event
[00:14] that has taken place in runescape every
[00:16] year since 2007 and I'm proud to say
[00:18] that I've been a part of every single
[00:19] one of them this year we're doing a
[00:21] bigger and better than ever the event
[00:23] will be live streamed on the runescape
[00:24] twitch channel which might include some
[00:25] cool giveaways so even if you can't
[00:27] attend the event make sure that you tune
[00:29] into the stream the runescape gathering
[00:31] will take place on Saturday the 19th of
[00:33] April starting at 6pm gmt and it will be
[00:35] held on the ice mountain in world 80
[00:37] which yes is a free-to-play world if you
[00:40] want to know more information about the
[00:41] gathering it will be in the description
[00:42] below attending the event will be some j
[00:44] mods top-ranked players your favorite
[00:46] runescape video makers and streamers as
[00:48] well as all the people that make up this
[00:49] amazing community so make sure that you
[00:51] stop by and have some fun I hope to see
[00:53] you all there