Dialogue for Thaerisk Cemphier

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  • Thaerisk Cemphier Ah, Player, it is good to see you.
  • Player Is it? You seem awfully happy, considering...
  • Thaerisk Cemphier Quite the contrary. Guthix's death is a tragedy, but I refuse to let it be in vain. We do not have time to mourn.
  • Thaerisk Cemphier Guthix trusted you with his power. We are still following with his plan. If we do not let that slip, the future may be much brighter than we can imagine.
  • Player What do you mean?
  • Thaerisk Cemphier Guthix meant for all this to happen. He believed in you, and if you lead us successfully in banishing the young gods from Gielinor for ever, the world will be a better place than we could have anticipated.