Transcript of Tetsu-Oni

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Tengu and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Sojobo.
  • The Tengu: Portmaster, I have heard rumours that the oni warlord, Obanak, is terrorising the island of Ai Jei. No doubt he seeks gunpowder, with which to wage war. Finally, we shall have our chance to stop him!
  • Player: You shall have it. Tell me, Sojobo, what led you to what you do?
  • The Tengu: I am the Mask of the Ten Gu. The Ten Gu are the wise leaders of the benevolent Gu people. They created me as a repository of their wisdom and knowledge. They gave me sentience so that I could share this wisdom, and judge when one was worthy to hear it. But the Gu are not a practical people, and they forgot to give me legs. I was filled with benevolence and altruism, but no method to take it out into the world, only impart it upon those who would visit me in my tower. I was trapped and frustrated...until Shanao set me free. What else could we do with such freedom, but right the wrongs of this world?
  • Player: Why did Shanao take on your quest?
  • The Tengu: That is something you will have to ask him, but some other time - he's asleep at the moment, the old coot. Anyway, we must go - that oni won't stab himself to death.

After Voyage

  • Player: How did your mission go, Sojobo?
  • The Tengu: Ahahaha, what a battle! Obanak was a worthy foe, but he stood no chance. His reign of terror is over. A drink to celebrate!
  • Player: Aren't you just a mask? Wouldn't alcohol just go straight through you to Shanao?
  • The Tengu: Yes, but it makes him do the funniest things, and he dances like a headless chicken!
  • Player: Do you mind if I ask Shanao a question?
  • The Tengu: Feel free! But he won't answer at the moment, he's still unconscious from the fight. Obanak smacked him one too many times with his tetsu club! Haha!
  • Player: Oh no, is he alright?
  • The Tengu: Oh, he'll be fine. He's a tough old bird. Until next time, Portmaster - we'll be in the bar!