Transcript of Ten Top Barrows Bros. Tips

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] [Music]
[00:15] [Music]
[00:19] yeah it's dr. Avenue with a little pro
[00:21] tip three dummies yeah you're retired
[00:27] Canyon shuttle around arrows I don't
[00:29] have to bring your dingus shell anymore
[00:31] you think a puss put a do for show that
[00:33] out for ya
[00:34] what's the plan and digging up bodies in
[00:35] the backyard this next city is submitted
[00:47] by wolf song 765 watch your career
[00:50] points closely when fighting Daryl if
[00:53] you run out of prayer when DARS health
[00:55] is low they'll most likely get kod in
[00:59] one hit you really don't want to end up
[01:01] looking like this dude here hi I'm dizzy
[01:15] Gaza and I'm drum and we're up arrows
[01:17] let's go
[01:21] sweet Thank You trustee stairs ring time
[01:24] to loot ah junk my turn oh wait let me
[01:29] put my renal of one person yes Derek Elm
[01:31] awesome what uh webinar rings such a
[01:36] Sears ring while spite and Bowers
[01:37] bothers then switch to the ring a wealth
[01:39] before alluding the chest
[01:41] [Music]
[01:50] for those of lower levels he may want to
[01:52] poison your bearish brother of a
[01:54] poisoned dragon dagger and run to a safe
[01:56] area around sarcophagus this person here
[01:59] didn't follow the tip a fitting end for
[02:02] an unfit hero these deep is from the SPK
[02:18] - and they tepees before you solve any
[02:21] puzzles kill anything that's attacking
[02:24] me hi guys so i'm from marine shark here
[02:34] bringing you berest hip number 6 by zk
[02:36] 640 who says always killed out first and
[02:39] arms last it's important to kill Derek
[02:41] first while your prep pointer at the
[02:43] highest to avoid his punishing wretched
[02:45] strength ability killing arm last is
[02:48] advantageous because using his blighted
[02:50] or ability along with the cursed
[02:51] weakened and confused spells he can
[02:53] lower your Mele stats which could be
[02:54] useful when fighting the other brothers
[02:58] [Music]
[03:08] you salamander sweet versatile weapon of
[03:12] mother nature heavy traitors all three
[03:14] different combat styles you can unleash
[03:15] a maximum amount of pain no mothers
[03:19] piling up extra weapon your home's space
[03:21] for food Yomi
[03:25] [Music]
[03:30] excel here with tip from Alex 43
[03:33] memorize the answers for the doors and
[03:35] the tunnel is the answers are always the
[03:37] same stop
[03:39] whoever passed this door of death must
[03:42] answer me this question 1l steve skalise
[03:46] will kick your bum ask me the questions
[03:48] door I'm not afraid
[03:50] what square Elsa I'm Darin I'm
[04:01] significant is this top tip number
[04:02] eights you mean the Medaille submitted
[04:05] by khan 818 and he says bring more prep
[04:08] pots and less food but bring bones to
[04:10] Peach's taps then while you're in the
[04:12] tunnel get in the chest grab some bones
[04:14] this way our food to keep your health of
[04:16] while finding farik and have extra
[04:18] prayer potions to stay longer that's all
[04:20] from us good luck at barrows chisel wow
[04:28] those were some amazing better tips i'm
[04:30] ability 44 i'm gonna be bringing you the
[04:32] last tip this is tip number 10 and this
[04:35] tip is from razor jaguar his tip is that
[04:37] when you finish the NATO Murray quest
[04:39] you can bank and bog to rot which means
[04:41] that you can travel to barrows without
[04:42] any risk then grab your stuff in the
[04:44] village and break those ghastly brothers
[04:46] so that's all the title arrows tips and
[04:48] I really hope that you enjoyed this
[04:49] video from runescape channel make sure
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[05:01] these have been your bears tips from the
[05:03] people that you love to watch videos
[05:04] from we'll catch y'all next time
[05:07] that's right