Transcript of TehNoobShow & Jagex present: the Monkey Voice Competition

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] runescape land adventure land of courage
[00:14] Aladdin where it's noon show doesn't
[00:16] usually let random people in its videos
[00:22] until now hi there it's me the general
[00:29] store guys today I'm very excited to
[00:31] announce the new runescape cause exposed
[00:34] mountain voice acting competition let me
[00:38] introduce you to a friend of mine who's
[00:40] a bit hairy enjoys the taste of carpet
[00:42] and will do practically anything for a
[00:44] banana now you Paul oops sorry this is a
[00:51] monkey who has a leading role in the
[00:53] next room escape God's exposed episode
[00:55] 10 there is one problem though this poor
[00:59] monkey was born without a voice which
[01:01] means bye bye monkey welcome back to the
[01:04] are don't sue where he came from you're
[01:06] no good to us but since the general
[01:09] store cares so much we're giving you the
[01:12] opportunity to help give this monkey of
[01:15] boys by becoming your own talking monkey
[01:17] and competing in this competition just
[01:20] record yourself speaking a few lines
[01:22] save them as an audio file and email it
[01:25] to jagex at competitions at jagex calm
[01:30] the winner not only gets their voice to
[01:32] be in the next runescape God's expose
[01:34] vote but also receives an entire year of
[01:37] free access to runescape member content
[01:40] and jagex Christmas stocking full of
[01:43] presents for the lines contest details
[01:47] and faq please visit www m it is time
[01:53] for me to introduce you to a good friend
[01:55] of mine ladies and gentlemen the
[01:58] co-creator of runescape paul gal hello
[02:02] it's good to be here he's here with us
[02:04] today to show us his example of a
[02:07] talking monkey whenever you're ready
[02:09] Paul you can show some of the
[02:11] competition lines don't you ever speak
[02:13] about my Bernard asst what do you think
[02:15] Roscoe should we help Little Red Riding
[02:18] Hood sorry Paul you're clearly not cut
[02:23] out for this that was horrible and you
[02:25] should go back to whatever it is you do
[02:27] Thanks oh alright folks General Sir
[02:41] dancing for money Bronx um this is my
[02:45] spot you get out of my sight all