Dialogue for Tea seller

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Tea seller: Greetings! Are you in need of refreshment?

  • Yes, please.
    • Player: Yes, please.
    • 'Ye Olde Tea Shoppe' panel pops out
  • No, thanks.
    • Player: No, thanks.
    • Tea seller: Well, if you're sure. You know where to come if you do.
  • What are you selling?
    • Player: What are you selling?
    • Tea seller: Only the most delicious infusion of the leaves of the tea plant. Grown in the exotic regions of this world. Buy yourself a cup.
  • (If you try to steal from the tea stall)
    • Tea seller: Hey! Get your hands off there!
  • (If you successfully steal the tea)
    • Tea seller: You're the one who stole something from me! Guards, guards!
  • (If you try to take the cup of tea on the table)
    • Tea seller: Hey! Put that back! Those are for display only!