Dialogue for Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl

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  • Who are you?
    • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl: My name is Taw'Paak, and I am one of the last of my people. I was sent here by Armadyl Himself to teach the world about him. So, if you wish to know about Armadyl, I will be happy to help you. You may also declare your allegiance to his cause. If you do, I may have some work for you.
  • Can you tell me about Armadyl?
    • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl: What do you want to know about Armadyl?
    • Who is Armadyl?
      • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl:  Armadyl is the god of justice: noble, yet humble, putting his people first. He came to Gielinor thousands of years ago, bringing our people with him. We are strong and thrived here at first. But then came the God Wars, which took a heavy toll on our people. Armadyl left Gielinor, believing us vanquished. But now he has returned to guide us through the eddies and currents of the coming storm.
    • Why should I follow Armadyl?
      • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl: Armadyl offers justice, protection and an equal place for everyone in his flock. All have a part to play, and all will find succour beneath his wings.
    • What does Armadyl want?
      • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl: Armadyl wants nothing more than peaceful cooperation. The world is there for everyone - god and mortal alike. We followers of Armadyl know that if we stand firm and watch over one another, we need never fear tyranny or chaos.
  • I want to declare my support for Armadyl!
    • Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl:  That's wonderful! On behalf of Armadyl's followers, I welcome you. Please, take this banner to show your support. I have a gift for you - a book of stories regarding the gods and their followers. Please, read it and learn wisdom. Even in the misguided tenets of others, there is something to be learned through comparison. The book is not yet complete, however. When you complete some jobs I will give you more pages.
      The emissary gives you the Book of the Gods.

Jobs and rewards[edit | edit source]