Dialogue for Tati

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  • Tati: What'you want?
    • Do you have any pickaxes?
      • Tati: What? Speak up, I can't hear you!
      • Player: Uhm... I'm just looking for some pickaxes! Do you have any?
      • Tati: Do I have any pickaxes? Do I? Of course I do, this is a pickaxe shop, isn't it!
    • Do you have any quests?
      • Tati: What? Stop mumbling!
      • Player: I want a quest!
      • Tati: I don't have any lousy quests... I've got someone who's helping me already! Well, I say helping... he takes his merry time to do his chores, my son does.
      • Player: Then perhaps I can help in some way?
      • Tati: Pfft, I doubt it... maybe when my son fouls up again, but not now.
    • Nothing really.
      • Player: Nothing really.
      • Tati: Then clear off!