Dialogue for Tanner

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Tanner: Greetings friend. I am a manufacturer of leather.

  • Can I buy some leather then?
    • Player: Can I buy some leather then?
    • Tanner: I make leather from animal hides. Bring me some cowhides and one gold coin per hide, and I'll tan them into soft leather for you.
  • Leather is rather weak stuff.
    • Player: Leather is rather weak stuff.
    • Tanner: Normal leather may be quite weak, but it's very cheap - I make it from cowhides for only 1 gp per hide - and it's so easy to craft that anyone can work with it.
    • Tanner: Alternatively you could try hard leather. It's not so easy to craft, but I only charge 3 gp per cowhide to prepare it, and it makes much sturdier armour.
    • Tanner: I can also tan snake hides and dragonhides, suitable for crafting into the highest quality armour for rangers.
    • Player: Thanks, I'll bear it in mind.