Dialogue for Tam McGrubor

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This transcript involves dialogue with Tam McGrubor and the player.

If you don't currently have a wicked hood[edit | edit source]

  • Tam McGrubor: Hello there. Thanks for stopping! So, can I fix you up with one of these wicked hoods?
  • Select an option
    • Yes, please.
      • Tam hands you a wicked hood.
    • What does it do?
      • (See dialogue for the option "How does this hood work, anyway?" below)
    • No thanks.
      • (Ends dialogue)

If you have a wicked hood[edit | edit source]

  • Tam McGrubor: Hello there. Thanks for stopping!
    • Can I get another hood?
      • Tam McGrubor: You already have one! If you ever lose yours, though, come by and I'll replace it.
        • Player: Okay.
    • How does this hood work, anyway?
      • Tam McGrubor: It's a fancy hood for Runecrafting. It can conjure runes and rune essence, teleport you to runecrafting altars, and unlock access to them. Most important thing to remember is, that if you want to use an ability associated to a particular rune, you first need to unlock that rune type for your hood.
        • What runes can I get from the hood?
          • Tam McGrubor: Once per day, the hood can create a stack of runes of any type that the hood has unlocked. Just reach in and pull them out!
          • Player: Once per day?
          • Tam McGrubor: It's got to recharge.
        • How much rune essence can I get?
          • Tam McGrubor: One hundred fine pieces of rune essence every day!
          • Player: I don't have room for that much essence at once.
          • Tam McGrubor: Don't worry. It'll make as much as you have room for and then you can make more once you have the space.
        • What's this about teleporting?
          • Tam McGrubor: The hood can teleport you to any of the runecrafting altars, as long as you've unlocked the corresponding rune. You only get two teleports per day, though. Two total, not two per altar.
        • How do I unlock a rune?
          • Tam McGrubor: You need to find the right sort of talisman, and feed it into the hood. Once you do that, that rune type will be permanently unlocked for the hood. The hood starts out with air and mind runes already unlocked. Other talismans come from all over the place. Sometimes monsters will have them, or you might be able to buy them from other adventurers.
        • That's all I want to ask.
          • (Shows previous dialogue options)
    • Goodbye.
      • (Ends dialogue)