Transcript of Tally-ho!

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Trapper and the player.

Before voyage

  • The Trapper: I'm like a larupia in the long grass, ready to pounce. Can we leave soon?
  • Player: Your ship is ready for you. Is your hunting party ready?
  • The Trapper: A Ha! I AM the hunting party!
  • Player: You're going out there alone?
  • The Trapper: Of course! Fun is like a roast lamb - it's best savoured by oneself, in one sitting.
  • Player: I see.

After voyage

  • Player: Welcome back Reginald, how was the hunt?
  • The Trapper: It was a belter! I began the day by hunting a chinchompa.
  • Player: You went all that way to hunt a chinchompa?
  • The Trapper: This was no ordinary chinchompa! Size of a mountain lion, but twice as dangerous! Teeth as big as your face! Ended up killing it with a teakettle.
  • Player: Weren't you meant to be hunting a new species?
  • The Trapper: And hunt it I did. By some accident of fate, the creature got away. It ran into a cave and squeezed through a hole that even I could not pass through.