Transcript of Talking

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Anya[edit | edit source]

Anya may say any one of the following at random:

  • [Anya] Are you...? Are you sweating on me? (Don't stop. I like it.)
  • [Anya] Back on Infernus, I was the HDBIC! (But I much prefer being here with you.)
  • [Anya] Ha! What a loser. Did you see that guy? So rude! You should punish him. (You should punish me too...)
  • [Anya] I COULD have possessed YOU, you know? But, noooo, I ended up in here. (I did that to be with you.)
  • [Anya] I hope you're not thinking of selling me? I belong to you! (We belong to each other...)
  • [Anya] Remember all those people who've wronged you? Yeah, we should go kill them... (Then we can be together.)
  • [Anya] There! Did you see? A rabbit! I swear. Disgusting, vile creatures, they are. Get me away from it!
  • [Anya] Urgh, you'd better not be doing what I think you're doing. If you are, stop it! (Or let me join in.)
  • [Anya] You aren't going to drop or destroy me, are you? I want to stay with you! (Forever...)

Anya also always says the following when the big bunny from Hallucinogenic is seen:

  • [Anya] ARGH! RABBIT! Run! Hide! Kill it with fire!

Dandelion[edit | edit source]

Dandelion may say any one of the following at random:

  • [Dandelion] Come on, then, let's fight! Us vs you, one on one! In. The. Wildy!
  • [Dandelion] Dandelion is a MANLY name where I'm from. For starters, it's got the word 'lion' in it!
  • [Dandelion] I. WANT. TO. KILL. STUFF! RIGHT NOWWW!
  • [Dandelion] Let's go kill some- Ooh, is that a marigold? I LOVE me some marigolds. *ahem* Kill stuff! RARGH!
  • [Dandelion] Look at the flowers. Aren't they pretty? I SAID LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!
  • [Dandelion] *whispers* Go on, kill it. You know you want to. I want to. Let's kill it together, it'll be fun...
  • [Dandelion] Yeah, well, my adventurer is bigger than your adventurer! We'll do you in, son.
  • [Dandelion] You think you're hard, mate? My owner here can take you NO TROUBLE!
  • [Dandelion] You'd better not be making fun of me for liking flowers. I CAN TAKE YOU!

Any of the following can be heard randomly after killing a monster:

  • [Dandelion] Another, and another, and another! YES!
  • [Dandelion] Kill some more, kill some more!
  • [Dandelion] More! I want to kill more!
  • [Dandelion] MORE! KILL MORE! MORE, MORE, MORE!
  • [Dandelion] Oh, is that blood? I feel woozy.
  • [Dandelion] WEAK!
  • [Dandelion] Yes! Good kill!
  • [Dandelion] You were no match for us!

Dawn and Lensig[edit | edit source]

As Dawn[edit | edit source]

Dawn may say any one of the following at random:

  • I remember the pain. Such terrible pain.
  • Let me go. Please! I must warn the others.
  • Saint Elspeth protect me.
  • Saradomin forgive me. I was not worthy...
  • Sister Esther. Sister Lara. Where are you?
  • The witch. You must stop her!
  • We shouldn't have left the abbey...
  • Why am I in this thing?

As Lensig[edit | edit source]

Lensig may say any one of the following at random:

  • Do not think you have defeated me so easily.
  • I will have my revenge.
  • It was buried for a reason. I know that now...too late.
  • The wand...where is the wand? Zamorak, forgive me.
  • What have I unleashed? I made a terrible mistake.
  • Where is the wand? It must be destroyed!
  • You cannot hide forever. They will find you.
  • You have not seen the last of my coven.

Eve[edit | edit source]

Eve may say any one of the following at random:

  • [Eve] Enough playing around! It's time we were more than just equipment and owner. What do you say?
  • [Eve] Hey, handsome, let's you and me go do something a little more...dangerous.
  • [Eve] I like it when you do that. I wish you'd do it more.
  • [Eve] I'm ready when you are, darling. Just say the word.
  • [Eve] I've been a naughty piece of equipment. I think you should teach me a lesson and 'bank' me.
  • [Eve] Oh, is it that time again? Let me just slip into something a little more comfortable.
  • [Eve] 'Perk' up, my love. No I mean it...literally. Let's go find somewhere private.
  • [Eve] Your touch is electrifying...but there's absolutely nothing you could do that would shock me. Try me sometime.

Jim[edit | edit source]

Jim may say any one of the following at random:

  • Can we take a break? I'm not as young as I used to be.
  • *hmph* I hope you're not expecting me to do much more of this. I'm tired and need a rest.
  • I can't believe you just did that. You young 'uns have no respect these days.
  • I heard that sigh! What's wrong with youngsters today? You've all got it so easy compared to how I had it.
  • I remember when all this used to be black squares. Now look at it, such a waste. *grumble*
  • In my day, you'd have been hanged for doing something like that. But what do you care what I think? *grumble*
  • Oh, not this nonsense again. Honestly, when are you going to get a REAL job. Adventuring? Pah!
  • Ooh, my sciatica is playing up again. Give it a rub for me, would ya?

Mina[edit | edit source]

Mina may say any one of the following at random:

  • [Mina] Are there any quests we haven't done yet? I'm feeling adventurous!
  • [Mina] Are we there yet? ... Are we there yet? ... Are we there yet?
  • [Mina] Can we do a daily challenge? Can we? Can we? Huh? Can we? Go on, I really want to... Pleeeeeeease?
  • [Mina] Cor! Have you seen what's coming to the world of Gielinor next week? It looks AWESOME!
  • [Mina] Did you pick up some sand today? Bought your pineapples? Collected your flax?
  • [Mina] Don't you think it's brilliant that I can talk now, huh? I do! It''s...BRILLIANT!
  • [Mina] Lalalalala, we're going on a journey, yeah! Doing all the things. Lalalalala!
  • [Mina] Ooh! Ooh! Let's go do the thing! You know? The thing...with the stuff...and, um, what's his name again?

Thalia[edit | edit source]

Thalia may say any one of the following at random:

  • [Thalia] Can you hear me?
  • [Thalia] Hello? Is anybody there?
  • [Thalia] Help me. Please.
  • [Thalia] I want to go home.
  • [Thalia] I'm scared.
  • [Thalia] I'm so cold.
  • [Thalia] It's very dark in here.
  • [Thalia] Please, let me out.

Tyler[edit | edit source]

Tyler may say any one of the following at random:

  • Hey, I don't mean to harsh you, brah, but are you even using that moisturiser I gave you?
  • How are you set for brunch, tomorrow, bud? We should hit up that new place in Varrock.
  • I think this get-up could do with a splash more colour. How do you feel about pocket squares?
  • Oh, you go, playa! You're, like, totally rocking this outfit!
  • We should go on a juice cleanse, brah. That would rock!
  • Whoa, I just heard about this totally new detox regime, dude. We should do it together!
  • Yeah, cool, so, how much are you lifting these days?
  • Yo, you are so RIPPED! I could break rocks on those abs of yours. Nice!