Transcript of Tales of the God Wars

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This transcript is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

Starting off[edit | edit source]

  • The Curator: Welcome traveller, welcome. You're just the kind of person I've been waiting for.
  • Player: Why's that?
  • The Curator: Well, I am the Curator. A collector of all manner of things: tales and memories, antiques and relics, materials for scientific study. I particularly like to archive stories. There are many parts of this rich world's history that have yet to be documented, you see.
  • Player: So why are you here?
  • The Curator: A war between four factions rages deep within the earth beneath our feet. The entrance here leads deep into the core of the planet. The armies fight for Sliske, Zamorak, Zaros and even Seren, but the rivalries between the generals that lead them stretch back for millenia. I could use some help finding the memories that form this tale so that I may add it to my archives. You'll be rewarded for your efforts, of course.
    • Sure, I'll help.
      • The Curator: Perfect, perfect. Now, where to begin...
        • Ask what the factions are fighting over.
          • Player: What's down there that's so important these factions are fighting over it?
          • The Curator: This is no ordinary dungeon, my friend. Seismic activity has shaken loose the entrance to the Heart of Gielinor itself. Representatives of Sliske, Zamorak, Zaros and Seren war over the power contained within. There is a bountiful anima pool the likes of which has never been seen, where the life force of the entire planet collects. If someone were to control it, they would have the power to do unimaginable things.
          • Player: There must be a reason for all the anima collecting there...
          • The Curator: It has been dubbed 'The Heart' for a reason. The anima - the life blood - filters in and is then pumped elsewhere. It seems to be directed somewhere, though. Perhaps it is sustaining something, but it would seem that is yet to be discovered.
          • Player: Where do I start?
          • The Curator: Ah yes, you're going to need the chapters, of course.
          • Player: Chapters?
          • The Curator: Indeed, when you go off in search of the memories you'll need the chapters to store them. The chapters can then be put together in my tome here to form a complete tale.
          • Player: How do I go about collecting the memories?
          • The Curator: I've enchanted each chapter to seek out the location of the memory to which they relate. Your task will be to go to this location and collect the memory using the chapter. Each memory is unique and will likely require a different method to be stored.
          • Player: So how exactly do I store a memory within one of these chapters?
          • The Curator: It very much depends on the memory itself, really. You may need to slay beasts, touch the chapter on something or find a person who was present in the memory. Do not fret though, the chapter will let you know what it requires.
          • Player: The chapters can speak?
          • The Curator: Oh no, no. Ink will materialise upon their pages, quite ingenious if I do say so myself. You need only read them to seek their advice, whether you are finding the location or attempting to store the memory itself. Now then, there are four chapters you will need to fill with memories. Here you are...
            • What do I do now?
            • What should I do with my filled chapters?
            • How can I see the memories I've collected?
            • Can you explain who you are and what's going on again?
            • I've lost the chapters you gave me.
            • Goodbye.
        • [Continue...]
    • No, I'm not ready to help right now.

Memories[edit | edit source]

Helwyr's memory[edit | edit source]

Screen fades to white and then returns
  • As you read the pages the memory envelops you, casting your mind back to an event which took place at the start of the Fourth Age. The goddess Seren had shattered herself to free her beloved elves, but the World Gate had long since closed leaving no way for them to return to their home planet. For most this did not matter,[sic] Gielinor was their home now,[sic] but the Cywir hunters had left their clan behind and longed to return to them.
    Two elves walk forward in Isafdar forest
  • Cywir elf (#1): My lord, we have scoured Tirannwn and collected enough crystal shards for our entire force.
  • Cywir elf (#2): Seren may be lost, but hopes of reaching our forgotten brethren are renewed!
  • Cywir hunters: ...
  • Cywir elf (#1): M-my lord?
  • Helwyr: Brothers. You have done well. Now is the time for us to strike out on our own. It is time for action... For revenge. I have received word that the rangers we sent out with the first crystal shards got as far as Senntisten.
  • Cywir elf (#1): Without suffering from the sickness? Then it is true - we can leave Isafdar and journey out on our own!
  • Helwyr: Silence,[sic] there is more. A human by the name of Gregorovic took them hostage. Only one of them made it back. He tells a tale of torture and experimentation - Gregorovic wishes to extract the secret of our long life. By whatever means necessary, it would seem.
  • Cywir elf (#2): O-only one made it back? What happened to the others?
  • Helwyr: Dead. Our survivor's report was...gruesome. This filthy human Gregorovic must pay for what he has done.
  • Cywir elf (#1): So be it. When do we leave?
  • Helwyr: At first light. We must leave here and return to doing what we do best... Hunting. From this day forth there will be bloodshed in the name of Seren.
  • Cywir elf (#2): What about our families on our homeworld? We must return to them.
  • Helwyr: After we have dealt with Gregorovic we will continue our hunt, tracking beasts and demons like the Cywir hunters of old. They will lead us to a pathway home, I am sure of it.
  • Cywir elf (#2): Then we are with you, Helwyr.
  • Cywir elf (#1): I would follow you into the depths of the Underworld, my lord.
  • Helwyr: You have my gratitude, hunters. Creatures of darkness will come to fear us on this world and, one day, they will help us return to our own. I will lead the way from here. Stay close, brothers, for a preditor searches fo rus. Little does Gregorovic know...we are the ones who do the hunting.
Helwyr transforms into a wolven form; screen fades to white and then returns

Gregorovic's memory[edit | edit source]

Screen fades to white and then returns
  • As you read the pages the memory envelops you, casting your mind back to the start of the fourth age.[sic] A human named Gregorovic, sick with disease, meets with the Mahjarrat Sliske in the Barrows to strike a bargain.
Gregorovic stands before Sliske in a Barrows crypt
  • Gregorovic: Sliske, the sickness tightens its grip. My time is almost up.
  • Sliske: Ahhh Gregorovic - crawling back, as suspected. I must confess, I thought you would last longer.
  • Gregorovic: I really thought the elves would hold the answer. I even managed to catch some strays of the Cywir clan. I've been experimenting with them, but no matter how I dissect them I cannot work out the secret of their long lives. Still it eludes me! It seems to be some foul elven magic beyond my comprehension. So yes, I return to you to strike a bargain.
  • Sliske: But of course,[sic] eternal life at the low, low cost of your soul. Such a delicious offer. How could you refuse?
  • Gregorovic: Do with me what you will, Mahjarrat. I will be your puppet if you will only help me escape the shadow of Death.
    Sliske casts a spell on Gregorovic
  • Sliske: AHAHAHAHAHA!
Gregorovic is killed
  • Sliske: 'The shadow of Death.' How naïve. It is I who is master of the shadows, Gregorovic. And I have something special planned for you...
Screen fades to white
  • Sliske: Wake up, Gregorovic. Wake up and breathe the fresh swamp air into your new lungs. I have made you anew. Behold your new power and eternal life!
Gregorovic is transformed into a new undead form
  • Gregorovic: Wh- what has become of me? I feel... I feel a hunger. A yearning... I must consume.
  • Sliske: Yes, I should think you'll find yourself quite insatiable now. I have given you what you asked for. You are now the master of your own death. Or undeath, as the case may be...
  • Gregorovic: What is this body you have given me, Sliske?
  • Sliske: I have imbued it with shadow magic, making it powerful indeed. It must be...sustained, though. That is the hunger you feel. If you are to survive you must consume other beings. It is the only way.
  • Gregorovic: You have made me a monster...
  • Sliske: Oh no, Gregorovic,[sic] you were already a monster. I have simply given you the body to match. But look on the bright side. The more powerful the beings you consume, the more powerful you will become.
  • Gregorovic: I do feel the shadow magic coursing through me...and you say I could become more powerful still?
  • Sliske: Only if you relinquish what little humanity you had left. Accept what you have always known yourself to be.
  • Gregorovic: If this is what I am now, then so be it. I must embrace the darkness.
  • Sliske: Yes, yes! Very good,[sic] now go. Elves, humans, demons, they are all just sustenance for you now. But remember, I will always be watching. I am your master now.
Screen returns; Sliske and Gregorovic stand outside of the Barrows crypt; screen fades to white and then returns

Twin Furies' memory[edit | edit source]

Screen fades to white and then returns
  • As you read the pages the memory envelops you, casting your mind back to the start of the Sixth Age. The god of chaos, Zamorak, returned to Gielinor and summoned his most loyal followers to Daemonheim, where he ordered them to report on their activities.
    Zamorak stands before his followers in Daemonheim
  • Zamorak: Thank you, K'ril Tsutsaroth. Clearly the situation at the Temple of Lost Ancients is under your control. Now, my Furies... Avaryss and Nymora, always striking justice as if you were an extension of my very own hands. What reports do you bring?
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: We were assigned to hunt down the Ilujanka who forsook their oaths, my lord. We spent many years searching for the dragon riders, but other developments forced us to stop.
  • Zamorak: I believed all the Ilujanka to be dead. You yourselves put an end to Morvannon. Ripped appart by your hellhounds. I do not forget, Nymora.
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: This is true, but we received further intelligence that the oathbreaker may have been carrying a child. The dragon, Gorvek, may have escaped with the egg.
  • Zamorak: You fools let the dragon escape?
  • Avaryss, the Unceasing: Lord Zamorak, it must have been bad information. We know the Ilujanka were interlife, a dying race! It is impossible!
  • Zamorak: Impossible? Foolish child. You have no idea of what is possible. You will return to your hunt, search high and low for the Ilujanka child. Do not rest until you are sure.
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: But my lord, the developments I spoke of... Our sister...
  • Zamorak: Dead, I presume. Pity, she had a talent for sniffing out the fear of those who had forsaken their oaths.
  • Avaryss, the Unceasing: Please, we are on the trail of her murderer, a human named Gregorovic. We mus-
  • Zamorak: I have given you your orders, Avaryss. No one under my command is permitted to leave a job half done.
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: We are empty without our sister - we must avenge her. Oh gracious Zamorak, pl-
  • Zamorak: You dare to question my authority, Nymora? You may be the queen of your demon underlings, but here you answer to me.
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: I- I am sorry, my lord.
  • Zamorak: The Ilujanka is your top priority. Only once you are sure Morvannon was not bearing a child do I permit you to seek your revenge. And if you do find the Ilujanka, it will be fully grown by now. Do not underestimate it. Finish the job this time.
    Screen fades to white and then returns

Vindicta's memory[edit | edit source]

Screen fades to white and then returns
  • As you read the pages the memory envelops you, casting your mind back to the start of the Third Age. Gorvek, the dragon, returns to the caverns of the Queen Black Dragon. Its dragon rider, Morvannon, has been slain, but it has managed to recover the egg she was carrying.
Gorvek flies into the Queen Black Dragon's lair
  • Somehow you are able to understand the dragon's telepathic communication...
  • Gorvek: Little egg. The last of your kind, perhaps. I will raise you now. You will be a new breed of Ilujanka. One day, you will have your vengeance. They will call you... Vindicta.
Screen fades to white and then returns
  • Many centuries later, Vindicta emerges from the caverns. Raised by dragons, she is an Ilujanka harbouring ferocity the like of which her race do not usually possess. She bears the armour and weaponry of her ancestors - recovered for her by Gorvek.
  • Vindicta: Nymora. Avaryss. The Furies... You will pay in blood for what you have done to my race. To my family. I will not rest until you sleep beneath the earth. I am coming for you.
Vindicta mounts Gorvek and flies away; screen fades and then returns to white

Final memory[edit | edit source]

Screen fades to white and then returns
  • As you read the pages the memory envelops you, casting your mind back to a memory that occurred very recently. Upon discovery of the Heart of Gielinor, Helwyr, Gregorovic, the Twin Furies and Vindicta gather their forces and attempt to claim the power source in the name of their god.
Helwyr, Gregorovic, the Twin Furies, and Vindicta stand before the Heart of Gielinor
  • Helwyr: All these years of hunting you, Gregorovic, and it is your arrogance that finally seals your fate.
  • Gregorovic: Come now, Helwyr. So many centuries have passed by and you're still crying over spilt milk?
  • Helwyr: Spilt milk? Those were my brothers you mutilat-
  • Gregorovic: Their bodies were used for the purpose of scientific discovery!
  • Helwyr: You are a monstrosity. I will tear you limb from limb!
  • Avaryss, the Unceasing: You will not touch him, beast. Vengeance is rightfully ours. This abomination killed our sister!
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: Avaryss, restrain yourself! Zamorak has ordered us to assassinate the Ilujanka first. She has flown right into our hands!
  • Vindicta: An order from Zamorak himself? No doubt he was surprised to hear one of the mighty dragon riders survived. I have waited centuries to fight you in open combat, foul demons. By my blade, you meet your end!
  • Gregorovic: Such a pity you are all so desperate to kill one another. You would make such delicious meals. I can almost taste the power...
  • Helwyr: You are all creatures of darkness, and must be put to an end. When I am done with you, I will secure the power source contained here in the name of Seren. I already found a way back to our homeworld,[sic] now I will finally be able to save the elves we left behind.
  • Avaryss, the Unceasing: Haha! How very sentimental. Zamorak has given us command of most of his forces to secure The Heart.
  • Nymora, the Vengeful: Under his control, it will turn the tide of the God Wars. The false deities you worship will be crushed!
  • Twin Furies: Ahahahaha!
  • Vindicta: It is a shame you do not have more meat on your bones. Gorvek will not enjoy devouring your bodies. With the might of Zaros's forces I will secure The Heart, and with it restore life to the Ilujanka people. I will save my race.
  • Gregorovic: Your dragon may not enjoy devouring their bodies, but I will enjoy devouring yours. My master has entrusted me with securing the Heart,[sic] and I thoroughly intend to do so. Sliske already has the Stone of Jas. You are nothing but playthings standing between him and total domination. RISE UP, MY UNDEAD MINIONS. RISE UP IN THE NAME OF SLISKE.
Screen fades to white and then returns

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

  • The Curator: A most interesting tale, I'm sure you'll agree! I knew the factions were at war, but I could never have guessed the extent of the generals' rivalries. Here are the rewards I promised you, your help has proved even more valuable than I predicted. I must leave now, in search of other tales. Perhaps next time we meet you will have written your own name into the legend of the God Wars at the Heart of Gielinor. The tome will remain here, in case you ever wish to delve into the memories again. Farewell, traveller, and good luck.