Transcript of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio journal entry

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  • Trufitus communed with the gods to determine Tai Bwo Wannai Village is safe. I delivered the news to Timfraku, who requested that I seek out his sons and return them to the village.
  • I had to help a depressed fisherman, betray another, assist in destroying an insurmountable beast and do unspeakable things to Jogre bones.
  • As a reward Timfraku gave me a stack of gold coins.
  • Tamayu has given me a Karambwan poisoned rune spear and has trained me in combat technique.
  • Tinsay has done something to the tribal statue since his return. I'm not sure quite what it is. He also trained me in cooking technique.
  • Tiadeche has shown me how to properly cook Karambwan, is willing to sell them at a low price and has trained me in fishing technique.
Quest Complete