Transcript of Swept Away journal entry

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  • I have agreed to help Maggie prepare a batch of the 'good stuff' that she is concocting in her pauldron.
  • Maggie gave me a broom which I've had enchanted by Hetty in Rimmington, Betty in Port Sarim and Aggie in Draynor.
  • I've stirred Maggie's cauldron with the enchanted broom.
  • I spoke to Maggie, who thanked me for helping her prepare the goulash. She has offered me 10 bowls of goulash in return for my help.
  • It was delicious
  • I can get further rewards if I take my broom to:
  • The Sorceress' apprentice
  • Maysa the Hag in Pollnivneach
  • The Old Cone near the Slayer Tower
  • Baba Yaga of Lunar Isle
  • Kardia in the Underground Pass.