Transcript of Swan Song journal entry

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  • Herman Caranos told me that the Piscatoris Fishing Colony is under attack from sea trolls. I was feeling kind, so I offered to help save the Colony.
  • He asked me to go to Draynor Village and fetch the Wise Old Man to fight off the trolls.
  • I asked the Wise Old Man if he'd save the Colony. He said he'd do it, but this would be his last great adventure - his 'swan song'. He then made me fetch him a load of expensive runes.
  • Once I'd given him the runes, he set off for the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
  • We had to crawl through a little tunnel to reach the gates.
  • We then had to fight off a horde of vicious trolls!
  • I escorted the Wise Old Man into the Colony and introduced him to Herman.
  • Herman made me help Franklin Caranos and Arnold Lydspor, the engineer and storemaster of the Colony. Franklin wanted me to fix some damaged walls with iron sheets, and Arnold needed me to catch and cook some 'fresh' monkfish for him.
  • I went back to Herman to see if he wanted me to do anything else.
  • Herman and the Wise Old Man had developed a plan that required an army! They sent me to Yanille to ask Wizard Frumscone if he could lend us his magic zombies.
  • Wizard Frumscone wouldn't lend us a zombie army. I can see his point - if he lent us an army, he'd get asked for armies for everything. He sent me to south Asgarnia to find a necromancer called Malignius Mortifer.
  • Malignius Mortifer made me fetch him 7 piles of normal-sized bones. It's a pity none of those wizards standing near him drop bones!
  • I then had to go all the way to the Crafting Guild to ask the Master Crafters about a suitable container for carrying bone seeds to the Colony.
  • A Master Crafter told me that a normal pot with a lid would be fine for transporting bone seeds.
  • I got hold of a sealed pot, and Malignius filled it with bone seeds for me.
  • Herman took the pot of bone seeds. The Wise Old Man wasn't happy when he heard we were using bone seeds, but they were the best chance we had.
  • When we opened the pot of bone seeds, a tremendous battle ensued! Our sinister skeletal magi defeated a horde of sea trolls, and the Wise Old Man duelled with a Sea Troll General.
  • I had to fight the Sea Troll Queen by myself.
  • Herman Caranos and the Wise Old Man were very impressed by my defeat of the Sea Troll Queen.
  • The Wise Old Man announced that he was now completely finished with adventuring, and he gave me some magic xp and prayer xp. Herman thanked me profusely for saving his Fishing Colony and invited me to make full use of its facilities. He gave me some fishing xp and money too.