Dialogue for Survival expert

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  • Survival expert Hello there, newcomer. My name is Brynna. I'm going to teach you about skills you'll need to survive. You have many skills you can train. The more you practice, the better you get. I'll tell you about the Woodcutting, Fishing, Firemaking and Cooking skills. Let's start with Woodcutting. Chop a tree until you get some logs in your backpack.
  • After chopping the tree
  • Survival expert Very good! Now let's put those logs to use. Light the logs in your backpack to make a fire.
  • After lighting a fire
  • Survival expert Well done! You can cook food on a fire. If you're ever injured, eating food will restore your health. We'll need something to cook. There are shrimp in the pond, so let's catch and cook some. Wherever you see bubbles in the water, there's probably some good fishing to be had there!
  • After catching some shrimp
  • Survival expert Now you have caught some shrimp, let's cook it! You'll cook your shrimp on a fire. If your fire's gone out, chop a tree to get some logs and make a new fire. Then use the shrimp on the fire.
  • After burning the shrimp
  • Survival expert Oh, you burnt your shrimp? Don't worry...that happens to everybody the first time. As you get more experience in Cooking, you'll burn food less often. Let's try again. First, fish some shrimps. Then use them on a fire. If your fire has gone out, chop some logs to make a new fire.
  • After cooking the shrimp
  • Survival expert Oh, well done! Now you have some food to eat whenever you feel poorly. I've taught you all I can about Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Fishing. Open the gate, follow the path to the next area and talk to the master chef! He'll teach you more about Cooking!

When trying to light a fire too close[edit | edit source]

  • Survival expert Not so close, please. I don't want you to burn me!