Dialogue for Surok Magis

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This transcript involves dialogue with Surok Magis and the player.

First time[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Excuse me?
  • Surok Magis: What do you want? ...Oh, wait. I know! You're probably just like all the others, aren't you? After some fancy spell or potion from me, I bet!
  • Player: What? No! At least, I don't think so. What sort of spells do you have?
  • Surok Magis: Hah! I knew it! I expect you want my Aphro-Dizzy-Yak spell! Want someone to fall madly in love with you, eh?
  • Player: That spell sounds very interesting, but I didn't mean to disturb you!
  • Surok Magis: Well, I see that you do have some manners. I'm glad to see that you use them. Now, if it's all the same, I am very busy at the moment. Unless you want something specific, please come back another time.
  • Player: Yes, of course. Goodbye!

Afterwards[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Ummm...
  • Surok Magis: Oh, it's you again! Well, what is it this time?
  • Player: Do you have any jobs or quests that I could do for you?
  • Surok Magis: Hah! There are plenty of things I need done, but something tells me you're not quite ready for them right now. Come back another time!
  • Player: Okay.