Dialogue for Submerged Statue

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During One of a Kind[edit | edit source]

  • Submerged statue: : Beware the Dragonkin, mortal! Do not use the tools of the Creators, or you will summon the Dragonkin's wrath! Beware! Beware!
  • Submerged statue: : Ahh... it is good to be able to deliver my warning once more. I feel the gaze of my siblings. Some of them are gone forever, and the circle will always be broken... but enough remain.
  • Submerged statue: : For many ages I have had only one visitor, and I am glad to speak to someone else. What would you know?
    • Player: : What are you?
      • Submerged statue: : The Creators ordered the Tokhaar to make us. Our purpose is to relay the Creators' messages and warnings. The other statues fear me, for I have spoken to the Creators themselves.
      • Submerged statue: : My task was to warn mortals not to use the Stone of Jas, and to tell of the terror that would come if it were used. Beware the Dragonkin! Beware! Beware!
      • Submerged statue: : But when the younger so-called 'gods' came, one of them ignored my warning. He hid me beneaht the waves so others would not hear it, and turned my sibling of the circle away from me. He sought the stone for himself!
    • Player: : I'm not afraid of the Dragonkin!
      • Submerged statue: : Then you are foolish, mortal! The Dragonkin conquer all! Their cunning and power is directed to the destruction of all False Users of the stone! Beware! Beware!
    • Player: : Who was your other visitor?
      • Submerged statue: : It seemed to be a Dragonkin, but I did not exhibit the bestial fury characteristics of that race, so I am not certain of its nature.
      • Submerged statue: : It asked me obscure questions about the curse that affects the Dragonkin. Since it seemed peaceful, I gave it what knowledge I could, and sent it on its way.
    • Player: : Do you know of a way to travel between worlds?
      • Submerged statue: : It is the power of the Dragonkin to fly between the worlds. Beware the Dragonkin! Beware!
      • Submerged statue: : The Stone of Jas calls them, and they can pass the planar barriers to seek each False User. No other mortal beings should have this power to fly between planes.
      • Submerged statue: : And yet... there is one other creature with the power you describe. It flew high above me and then vanished through a hole in the sky.
      • Hannibus: : This looks like a dead end. If there are other clues back at the library, we should follow those.
    • Player: : Goodbye.
      • Submerged statue: : Beware the Dragonkin, mortal! Beware! Beware!