Dialogue for Strongbones

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After defeating him, Strongbones will say:

  • Strongbones: You have proved yourself the stronger, human. Ask your questions.
  • Player: Where is Yu'biusk?
  • Strongbones: Yu'biusk is not a place on RuneScape. It is another plane of existence. No goblin alive today has ever been there. It is many millennia since the Big High War God brought our ancestors from Yu'biusk, but the call to that plane is still strong in us. If the barriers between the planes were ever to be broken, goblin blood would call out to open a portal to Yu'biusk.
  • Player: What was your predecessor's name?
  • Strongbones: His name is not important. He is not buried here. Before my time, priests were cremated, and their ashes scattered to the winds. You cannot talk to him.
  • Player: Why did you attack me?
  • Strongbones: You are a human, not one of the children of the Big High War God. For this reason you had to prove yourself in combat before I could answer you.
  • Player: What's it like being dead?
  • Strongbones: I cannot tell you. I no longer remember what it is like to be alive.
  • Player: Goodbye
  • Strongbones: Goodbye, human. I am sure that the Chosen Commander will find what she is looking for when you bring her to Yu'biusk.