Dialogue for Stormbringer

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Stormbringer: Little cub, I see you have questions for me.

Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

Player: How do you cast magic? You don't seem to carry any runes.

Stormbringer: So, how can I possibly form magic?

Player: Yes, I guess.

Stormbringer: You are right, we have no runes, but some of us are born with currents of magic rippling over our bodies. Such is the power generated by a stormbringer that we render our mothers blind and infertile during childbirth.

Stormbringer: One day I hope to be a Blind Mother. They are highly esteemed and carried on the back of their own worldbearer.

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

Player: How powerful is a stormbringer? Have you killed a dragon?

Stormbringer: A drah-gon? Is that like the triple-bellied wolflok?

Player: Probably not. Twenty-feet high, firebreathing?

Stormbringer: Oh, it sounds much like! Seven heads? Large bellows on its sides, pumping out acid?

Player: Bellows? No, definitely no bellows.

Stormbringer: Then it is a shame. The creatures on our plane sound far more dangerous.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

Player: How do you like it in Daemonheim?

Stormbringer: I like it very little. I grow tired of this place.

Player: Then why don't you just leave? If youre[sic] so tired of floating about behind me, why dont[sic] you just go?
Stormbringer: Do not tempt me. You are like a tiny pup, nibbling and barking at my heel. I am here because the gorajos[sic] greatest duty is to hinder the one who created this place.
Stormbringer: We sense that great headway has been made; that we have dropped over a waterfall and risen, coughing and spluttering to the surface. Yet, there are many turns and falls ahead.
Stormbringer: I follow you because you have shown a remarkable habit of stumbling into trouble, young fawn. When that trouble comes, we shall push you aside and finish this.
Player: Charming.
Player: What are the gorajo doing here? You obviously don't want to be here.
Stormbringer: The gorajo's greatest duty is to hinder the one who created this place.
Stormbringer: The bloodragers and the skinweavers would not say it, but the sachem agrees with me: the job of disposing of Daemonheim's creator is too much for humankind. The gorajo must intervene.

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

Player: I dont[sic] have any more questions.

Stormbringer: That is a good thing. We must prepare for the next battle.

Warped Gulega encounter[edit | edit source]

Stormbringer: My kind have incinerated Gulega for generations, naabe.