Transcript of Stolen Hearts journal entry

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  • Ozan in Draynor Village asked me to investigate Khnum, an old friend of Ozan's, who has fallen in with a new gang in Draynor.
  • I introduced myself to Khnum in the Skullery.
  • I'm now an honourary Khnum Skull!
  • I've discovered the Skulls are involved in a kidnapping. It's somehow connected to Khnum’s former employers.
  • I've reported my findings back to Ozan.
  • Ozan and I have trailed Knnum to the old jail in Draynor.
  • Ozan and I confronted Khnum, along with a mysterious woman from Ozan's past called Leela.
  • Khnum broke like a cheap children's toy once I threatened to deprive him of his main love: gourmet food.
  • Khnum told us the kidnappers might still be on Draynor's shoreline, south of the jail.
  • We confronted Lady Keli and her cronies, but she cast a shielding spell and escaped by boat with the prince.
  • The Skulls are no longer a threat.
  • Leela told us her spy passphrase, and ordered Ozan and me to pass on the ransom message to her father, Osman, in Al Kharid.
  • Ozan and I have travelled to Al Kharid!
  • Al Kharid palace is in lockdown and the guards won't let us in!
  • Ozan showed me a circuitous route over Al Kharid's rooftops, which led us to outside the roof of the bank!
  • Ozan fired an arrow with a rope attached from the bank over to the palace, which created a way for us to shimmy across to right outside the emir's bedroom window!
  • Ozan and I overheard Osman and the emir arguing with a Menaphite ambassador named Jabari. After Jabari left, the emir told Osman he was dying, but that he would not allow the Kharid-ib to be given over as ransom to save his son, even if that resulted in the Menaphos-Al Kharid war starting up again.
  • After listening in on the emir, Ozan and I climbed to the palace roof and broke into the vault containing the Kharid-ib.
  • I used a giant set of scales, fashioned into a large statue of the lesser desert god Het, to find the key to unlocking the diamond's security display.
  • Removing the diamond from its display seems to have set off an alarm.
  • Spymaster Osman cornered Ozan and me in the vault. We told him what we saw in Draynor Village, and gave him Leela’s passphrase to help prove our story.
  • We told the emir what we'd told Osman, but he got angry, thinking Osman was trying to manipulate him into exchanging the diamond for Prince Ali, even though he'd given Osman orders never to do so. The stress of it was too much for the emir in his weakened state, and his heart gave out. Our attempted theft seems to have been forgotten in the wake of this.
  • Osman thanked me for bringing news of Prince Ali's fate to him, and the ransom demand. Mine and Ozan's attempt at stealing the diamond has been forgiven, if not forgotten. Ozan has gone outside to clear his head - I think he feels partly responsible for the emir's death.