Transcript of Stalker notes (part 4)

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4th Age, year 1832. Date unknown.

My studies into the stalkers have given me a reputation among the other mages, as if my findings are less worthwhile than their empty parlour tricks. They cannot see the magnificence of the stalker, the repugnant wonder that fills you whenever you stare into their eyes.

Just yesterday, I stumbled upon another reason to admire them. While I sat and sketched in a stalker nesting pool, a bovimastyx wandered in. Before I could shepherd it back out, a large single-eyed stalker rose from the pools and began circling it, its single pupil flashing with some form of luminescence. I sat back down and took notes, while the bovimastyx whinnied and looked understandably uncomfortable.

Halting suddenly, the stalker flashed a red pupil and exploded with a thunderous crack, knocking the mastyx to the floor, bloody and stunned. I could only watch in fascination as smaller stalkers slipped from the larger stalker's carcass and began to devour both the body of the mastyx and what must have been their mother. A wondrous sight.