Transcript of Stalker notes (part 2)

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4th Age, year 1832. Date unknown.

The stalkers build nests formed of a combination of debris and biological matter that they produce and spit from their gaping maws. They mainly use their nests for resting and growing, but also to spawn in them. The creatures reproduce asexually, from what I have witnessed; a single eye with a snake-like optic nerve slid out of one of the creature's eye sockets, burrowing into the nest and out of sight, presumably to grow. I have such knowledge of stalker nests because a particularly powerful one calling itself 'Night-gazer Khighorahk' has set one up in what used to be my private chamber. I came back to find my enchanted torches extinguished, and an unnatural darkness. When I lit one of the torches, the creature shrieked and recoiled, lashing at me with its tentacles. I extinguished my light source, and the creature regained composure. It seems this creature is at home in darkness, and uses the cloak of shadows to its advantage. I have decided it is in my best interests to requisition new private quarters and leave the beast to its doings; we will soon be moving further down to rejoin the Master anyway, and this creature will act as a powerful guardian against any daring to follow us.