Transcript of Spreading the Word

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Missionary and the player.


  • Player: You seem irritated. What's the issue?
  • The Missionary: The sea orphans are neglecting to work on the church. They claim they're frightened, while a few of the heathens are on strike. I went to the homes of those on strike - I was damned if I would let them desert Our Lord. That was when I spotted the Zamorakian missionaries. They ran from me to their boats, but they had already done their damage. The missionaries had spread muck in the orphans' minds. Teachings like 'Zamorak is the one true god', and 'Saradomin clings helplessly to the boot of Zamorak'. And anyone they couldn't convert, they killed. We lost a dozen of the orphans in one day. The Zamorakians must be jealous. Nothing riles a Zamorakian more than a symbol of Saradomin's true faith, and there is none bigger than a church. They want to bring it all down. And that can't happen. These beasts are mine! They are owned by Saradomin!
  • Player: I'll settle for not seeing them killed. I'll send a ship to rout the Zamorakian missionaries.
  • The Missionary: They're stationed in the Hook Islands. I'm coming along. I haven't cracked any skulls in weeks.


  • The Missionary: We were out-manoeuvred! While the Pride in Chaos sank, their two remaining ships eluded us and sailed on to Hyu-Ji, spreading more lies. I may as well ditch the whole endeavour. Gah! Not a single sea orphan would meet my eye. The well's poisoned.
  • Player: Tomlin, my men heard some of the stories the Zamorakians were telling. Is it true that you were known as 'The Cudgel of Draynor'?
  • The Missionary: I'm not that man anymore!
  • Player: They said you went from house to house, beating anyone who neglected their faith. Eleven men and women were beaten unconscious before the authorities caught you. What kind of man are you?
  • The Missionary: That's not how it was! At the time, I thought that a bruise was scant price for an eternity of salvation.
  • Player: Well, it certainly made it easy for the Zamorakians to turn the orphans against you.
  • The Missionary: I'll not stand here to be lectured! The Zamorakians may have turned you all against Our Lord, but I'm building the church, flock or no flock.