Transcript of Spirits of the Elid journal entry

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  • I spoke to Awusah the mayor of Nardah.
  • Awusah asked me to look around Nardah for clues as to why the town's water source had dried up.
  • Ghastor the village elder gave me an item called the Ballad of Jaressh that seems to contain lots of clues.
  • I worked out that I needed to enter a cave at the source of the river Elid.
  • I used an ancestral key and wore some robes of Eldinis [sic] that I had found in the shrine in Nardah to get through some double door s in the cave.
  • I killed 3 golems and unblocked three waterchannels [sic] in various ways. This allowed me to get through another pair of double doors.
  • I have spoken to the Spirits of the Elid.
  • This spirits told me the townspeople of Nardah threw away a statue of Elidinis. As a result they were cursed to have no water. As long as they did not have the statue the curse will stand.
  • I spoke to Awusah again. He told me the statuette was thrown down a crevice to the west of Nardah.
  • I met a genie down the crevice. He told me that he had the statuette which he would give it to me exchange for the sole of Awusah!
  • I have cut the soles from Awusah's shoes. Fortunately the genie wanted Awusah's soles and not Awusah's soul. We have completed the trade.
  • I have returned the statuette to the shrine of Elidinis. The curse is lifted and the town has its water supply back.