Transcript of Spirits in the Sky

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This transcript involves dialogue with Shanao, The Tengu, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: Shanao wants me to tell you something, Portmaster. You asked before why he set me free. He is a sky orphan - the last of his kind.
  • Player: Sky orphan? I've heard of sea orphans before, but not sky orphans.
  • The Tengu: It is a similar affliction, but Shanao's people share traits with birds and other flying creatures, instead of creatures of the sea. They were ostracised and preyed upon. An offshoot of the Purists called the Lead Foot hunted his kind to extinction.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: Mind your language, old man! Shanao was their sole survivor. He washed up on my island after an attack that saw his people killed.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: I know, Shanao. I mourn them too. In his grief he sought solace, and he found it atop Mount Kurama, in the highest perch of the temple there. It so happened this place was my home. We forged an alliance that day. He would wear me and set me free, and I would teach him how to survive on his own. His thoughts were never of revenge, but we did seek justice, and in time brought the Lead Foot to task.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: I'm asking him/her Shanao. Be patient.
  • The Tengu: Shanao wishes to know if we could sail to his old home on the Teardrop Islands. Word has reached us that a sky orphan spirit haunts it. He wishes to lay it to rest.
  • Player: How could I deny such a request? Thank you for sharing your story with me. My ship and crew are at your disposal, Shanao.
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • Player: You're welcome? I think. He did just say thank you, yes?

After Voyage

  • Player: Shanao, Sojobo - how was your journey? Did you lay the spirit to rest?
  • The Tengu: It was not just one spirit, Portmaster, but a whole flock of sky orphan spirits!
  • Shanao: (mumble)
  • The Tengu: My apologies, Shanao - flock is the wrong collective noun, apparently - but they were many, and angry. It took all we had to return them to peaceful rest. We gathered from them that they were purposely raised by a malicious entity, but they could not say who. More troubling is that we received news about the warlord Obanak, who you helped us to defeat. He too was spurred into action by an outside source. I fear these events may be connected. This stinks of a Purist plot to me.