Dialogue for Spirit of Farradorn

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  • Spirit of Farradorn: Greetings, One who is not Chosen.
  • Player: Not Chosen?
  • Spirit of Farradorn: I am the Spirit of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. I guard the Banner that symbolises the kingdom's first founding.
  • Player: The Banner! That's what I've been searching for!
  • Spirit of Farradorn: When the Chosen One comes, she will take up the Banner and lead Falador and Asgarnia to its destiny.
  • Player: I can do that, if you let me have that banner.
  • Spirit of Farradorn: No. Sorry, but there is too much else you need to do.
  • Spirit of Farradorn: You have no time to be King/Queen of a single kingdom with its daily bureaucracy and its constant demands.
  • Spirit of Farradorn: You are not the Chosen One.
  • Player: After all I've done to find this Banner...?
  • Spirit of Farradorn: Yet I see you being influential in this kingdom's future, nonetheless.
  • Spirit of Farradorn: As such, though I cannot allow you to take the true Banner, I can give you its blessing, and let you bear its resemblance...
  • Player:  Wow, that tingles. Wait, I have questions...!
  • Spirit of Farradorn: ...goodbye, adventurer...