Dialogue for Spirit dagannoth

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  • Conversation 1
    • Spirit dagannoth: Grooooooowl graaaaawl raaaawl? (Are you ready to surrender to the power of the Deep Waters?)
    • Player: Err, not really.
    • Spirit dagannoth: Rooooowl? (How about now?)
    • Player: No, sorry.
    • Spirit dagannoth: Rooooowl? (How about now?)
    • Player: No, sorry. You might want to try again a little later.
  • Conversation 2
    • Spirit dagannoth: Groooooowl. Hsssssssssssssss! (The Deeps will swallow the lands. None will stand before us!)
    • Player: What if we build boats?
    • Spirit dagannoth: Hsssssssss groooooowl? Hssssshsss grrooooooowl? (What are boats? The tasty wooden containers full of meat?)
    • Player: I suppose they could be described as such, yes.
  • Conversation 3
    • Spirit dagannoth: Hssssss graaaawl grooooowl, growwwwwwwwwl! (Oh how the bleak gulfs hunger for the Day of Rising.)
    • Player: My brain hurts when I listen to you talk...
    • Spirit dagannoth: Raaaaawl groooowl grrrrawl! (That's the truth biting into your clouded mind!)
    • Player: Could you try using a little less truth please?
  • Conversation 4
    • Spirit dagannoth: Raaaawl! (Submit!)
    • Player: Submit to what?
    • Spirit dagannoth: Hssssssssss rawwwwwl graaaawl! (To the inevitable defeat of all life on the Surface!)
    • Player: I think I'll wait a little longer before I just keep over and submit, thanks.
    • Spirit dagannoth: Hsssss, grooooowl, raaaaawl. (Well, it's your choice, but those that submit first will be eaten first.)
    • Player: I'll pass on that one, thanks.