Transcript of Spend your Summer with RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] over the summer we are releasing some
[00:05] truly awesome updates whether your ass
[00:08] killer a killer a Quester or a minigame
[00:10] fan we've got you covered vanoss is dead
[00:16] but the Horde still fights on what
[00:17] better way to honor the big high wall
[00:19] guard and pick a new leader then to host
[00:21] the bloodiest one with the world has
[00:22] ever seen I know what you're thinking
[00:26] wouldn't it be great if you could scale
[00:28] by hurling exploding rodents all over
[00:31] the place well skilled chompers are the
[00:33] creature for you watch them go boom and
[00:35] then bathe in glorious bonus xp this
[00:40] summer a new system of tunnels is going
[00:42] to be opening up in which you can face
[00:43] off against the newest high-level solar
[00:45] boss today to an arachnid that's going
[00:47] to test your skills like never before
[00:48] and it will bring brand new level 90
[00:50] weapons the long-awaited finales the elf
[00:54] series is finally coming plagues end our
[00:57] newest Grand Master Quest is aiming to
[00:58] be one of the longest we've ever created
[01:00] in it you'll confront the Dark Lord and
[01:02] regrow the elf city food crystal only
[01:07] the greatest of warriors will be able to
[01:08] defeat the penance King they completely
[01:09] overhauled by burying a soul a huge
[01:11] graphical update you reward and a
[01:13] crushing hard mode away anyone who's up
[01:15] the challenge you have found a classic
[01:19] combat this summer we plan to bring you
[01:21] legacy mode included in this is the
[01:23] return of 138 combat and special attacks
[01:26] so grab yourself an Aegis and get ready
[01:28] to spec that's just some of the great
[01:32] content you can expect to see this
[01:34] summer other highlights include twitch
[01:37] TV integration royal rhinos and pest
[01:39] control improvements just to name a few
[01:41] if you sign up now for our special
[01:44] three-month summer package you'll
[01:46] receive a twenty-five percent discount
[01:48] to the normal membership fee as well as
[01:50] two very useful items the first is a
[01:53] fantastic-looking level 5 winged aura
[01:56] which gives a double XP boost for two
[01:58] hours every single week you'll also get
[02:00] a crystal amulet capable of generating
[02:03] bonus XP and allowing you to get head
[02:05] start in collecting the unique materials
[02:08] you'll need to get the most out of the
[02:10] simply stunning elf city
[02:12] the sun's always shining somewhere in
[02:14] Gila naw and these special updates just
[02:17] make it even more glorious it's
[02:19] runescape everyone's favorite holiday
[02:21] destination