Transcript of Specimens In The Wild

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Biologist and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Back again, Bethan? I see you've already dumped your gear on the captain.
  • The Biologist: Yes! Instruments, specimen jars, examination tables, science gubbins. All of it! Wait! I forgot the sample dishes! Gah, I bet they're still at home, full of fungi.
  • Player: Slow down. Where are you going, and what are you planning to do?
  • The Biologist: I'm building a lab! Don't worry, the sea orphans have offered to help. Your men can just drop me off. The orphans told me a story. If it's true, it could be scientifically significant. They mentioned something about their sorcerer - Finia, I think his name is. If what they say is correct, his mutation is of great scientific interest.
  • Player: What does that have to do with me?
  • The Biologist: He's been kidnapped by Blazing Lantern pirates. They normally leave orphans alone, but they found his appearance amusing. He's covered in spines like a puffer fish. The pirates strapped him to the front of their ship, a figurehead. He's still alive, all told. Recover him from the pirates, would you? I'm an epidemiologist and toxicologist by trade, and a poisonous human would be of huge interest to me and the world.
  • Player: And, of course, we should save him regardless.
  • The Biologist: Yes, yes. Now, where did I put my alembic?

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: The lab's built and Finia's back! Let the science begin! Oh, I plucked a spike from Finia when he wasn't looking, and I've been doing tests. He's as poisonous as my ex-husband! That's really poisonous, by the way. As in, my husband was odious - not that he could cause adverse chemical reactions within the substance of an organism.
  • Player: Well, I'm glad the operation was a success.
  • The Biologist: Believe me, my operations are just beginning. I'm getting some fantastic data from the orphans; their immune systems in particular. I'll perform a few more tests, and I'll be back before you can say 'plasmodium faciapalmae'!