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This transcript involves dialogue with Sophanem guard and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Sophanem guard (male/female): How can I help you?
  • Select an option
    • What are you doing down here?
      • Player: What are you doing down here?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): We're guarding this place to make sure that nothing comes up from that trap door[sic] and that nobody unnecessarily goes down there.
      • Select an option
        • What's down there?
          • Player: What's down there?
          • Sophanem guard (male): The nastiest creatures imaginable!
          • Sophanem guard (female): They seem to be a cross between humans and scarabs.
          • Sophanem guard (male): Rumour has it they may be connected to the ancient Sect of Scabaras!
          • Player: What do you know about this sect?
          • Sophanem guard (female): Little, aside from the odd fairy tale from childhood.
        • Why are you stopping people from going down there?
          • Player: Why are you stopping people from going down there?
          • Sophanem guard (male): Too many people have died down there for us not to take action.
          • Sophanem guard (female): There are fiendish traps and ghastly scarab monsters down there.
          • Sophanem guard (male): When we were first posted down here, we had a look down there and only just escaped with our lives.
          • Player: Gosh, that sounds quite scary. I might investigate this place in the future.
          • Sophanem guard (male): Sorry to be rude, but we really need to get back to guarding the door. The scarab beasts might come back at any time.
    • Do you have a tinderbox?
      • Player: Do you have a tinderbox?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): I do, but I'd like to hold on to it for now.
      • Player: That's okay; I've one with me anyway.
    • Do you have a torch?
      • Player: Do you have a torch?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): I'll sell you an unlit torch for 200gp.
      • Select an option
        • I'll take it.
          • Player: I'll take it.
          • Player has 200 coins removed from them.
          • Player receives unlit torch.
          • The guard hands you an unlit torch in exchange for 200gp.
        • Sorry, that's too expensive.
          • Player: Sorry, that's too expensive.
          • Sophanem guard (male/female): No problem; come back if you change your mind.
    • How come you're not spotty?
      • Player: How come you're not spotty?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): Oh, the plague of spots. Well, I wasn't here when the outbreak took place. We were out of town trying to catch an antiques thief called Simon Templeton.
      • Player: Aren't you afraid that the plague is contagious?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): Sophanem is my home town so it would take a lot more than the threat of a few spots to keep me away.
    • What is this place?
      • Player: What is this place?
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): This is the remains of the Sophanem Bank.
      • Player: What happened to this place? It's all smashed up...
      • Sophanem guard (male/female): Some time back, these scarab creatures started coming up from the basement. We fought them off, but they kept coming and coming and eventually destroyed the place. We've now fought them back again and barricaded the trap door.[sic]

Attempting to climb down the trapdoor[edit | edit source]

  • Sophanem guard (female): Halt! You may not go down there!
  • Player: Why not?
  • Sophanem guard (male): We're guarding the trapdoor, making sure nothing comes up or down!
  • Sophanem guard (female): Besides, the way we have it set up, I doubt you'd be able to get that trapdoor open!
  • Player: Oh really? I'd like to have a try.
  • You attempt to open the trapdoor but fail.
  • Sophanem guard (male): If you really want to go down there, you really should talk to Jex first.
  • Select an option